ZTNA solutions to secure access to all corporate applications

Secure access to every app, on any device, with ZTNA

Network and application security has gotten complicated. Citrix solutions make it simple. By delivering zero trust network access (ZTNA) to all your corporate apps, you can help your remote workforce stay productive from anywhere—without exposing your network to threats or your apps to the internet.

These solutions are an ideal alternative to traditional VPN. While this network-centric security worked well when employees still came to the office, today’s users are working from many different locations. On networks IT can’t secure. With devices the organization doesn’t manage. It all adds up to some serious security vulnerabilities—just one session from an unmanaged device infected with malware can put your entire network at risk. And once an unauthorized user gets through, the door to lateral movement is wide open.

To prevent breaches, you need to keep bad actors away from your network and applications. With Citrix, you can.

Citrix ZTNA solutions prevent lateral movement on your network by authenticating at the application layer only. Access is continuously monitored based on device posture, location, and risk score. So you can block suspicious activity before it leads to a breach.

Secure remote access made easy

Only Citrix uses the latest ZTNA technology to secure user access to all corporate applications—web, SaaS, client/server, and desktop as a service (DaaS)—whether they're deployed in public clouds or your on-premises datacenter. Unlike traditional VPN and SSO, which authenticate at login only, Citrix ZTNA solutions continuously evaluate risk factors throughout each session. When suspicious activity is detected, granular security controls automatically kick in to change how users are authorized to interact with apps. They might encounter watermarking when using a BYOD device, or be prevented from downloading documents when accessing from an unknown network. And in most scenarios, your employees won’t notice a thing. Remote users simply continue work as usual, while adaptive authentication and adaptive access control policies work diligently in the background.

Deliver ZTNA to all corporate apps including web, SaaS, and DaaS.

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Protect access to virtualized apps with built-in desktop as a service (DaaS) cybersecurity policies.

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What can you do with Citrix ZTNA solutions?

Secure access to all corporate apps

Go beyond traditional single sign-on (SSO) with adaptive access

Modernize your IT security

Keep data protected with a modern zero trust security model

Meet workforce needs with a VPN alternative

Prevent network-level attacks with a zero trust approach

You’re in great company

Join the 16 million cloud users worldwide that count on our digital workspace solutions to create a better way to work.

Securely support your hybrid workforce

IT leader improves the user experience while reducing its attack surface

Synopsys needed to ensure secure remote access for thousands of hybrid workers—no matter where people work or which devices they use. See how ZTNA functionalities help strengthen the organization’s security posture.

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A Citrix zero trust architecture helps prevent malware, data exfiltration, or VPN breaches and attacks. Citrix Secure Private Access, user identity verification, and secure workspaces are the mechanisms that help alleviate these risks.

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