Modernize your datacenter

Make the most of every investment as you transition to the cloud

If you’re looking for ways to preserve large datacenter investments, you’re far from alone. Surveys show that 87% of IT executives are operating on a hybrid cloud infrastructure, and that many are trying to decide between maintaining on-premises solutions or going all-in with cloud1.  As you consider your options, how can you be sure you’re making the most of every resource? You need solutions designed to scale with you—at whatever pace works best for your business.

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Executive summary

  • The need to preserve large datacenter investments is impacting countless IT leaders who are currently working with a mix of legacy and cloud-based environments.
  • To future-proof infrastructure, organizations need a quick, easy to way to add cloud capacity without abandoning on-premises resources.
  • Only Citrix gives you full flexibility to manage on-premises resources alongside new cloud deployments.

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Business outcomes

Maximize your investments

As IT undergoes change, the hybrid DaaS model is an ideal way to let users work from anywhere. It allows you to expand in a way that works best for your business while gaining ROI from existing resources, and offers a new approach to datacenter capacity and IT flexibility. That’s why Citrix DaaS lets you deploy apps and desktops in a hybrid cloud scenario, where on-premises and public cloud-hosted resources can be managed side by side. Adopt public clouds to simplify IT and reduce overhead at your own pace, while receiving full support for existing datacenter investments. It’s the quickest, easiest way to plan a strategic shift to cloud.

Streamline management

Maintaining your datacenter is crucial, but routine infrastructure activities can take up a lot of valuable time. Six in 10 IT professionals are frustrated by the time they spend on routine infrastructure activities1, and 40% believe options to automate workloads would improve team well-being. To help, the Citrix cloud control plane lets you keep mission-critical content in your on-premises datacenter while taking advantage of opportunities to offload maintenance and management. There’s no need to deploy, patch, and upgrade VDI infrastructure on-premises—it’s all available for you as an easy-to-adopt cloud service.

Burst to cloud as needed

For those times when you need to onboard new user groups quickly, IT agility is key. Seasonal staffing, mergers, acquisitions, and temporary contracting all create the need for immediate access to apps and data. And the faster the deployment, the better positioned your business will be to compete. Citrix DaaS lets you scale up and down on demand, any time the need arises. Your users get immediate access to all the tools they need while you keep resources secure.


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