XenMobile and Apple iOS

Complete mobile device, app and data management on Apple iOS

Citrix XenMobile delivers comprehensive mobile device, app and data management for Apple iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, to give your users the freedom and flexibility to work on any device they choose. Supported operating system versions include iOS 7, 8, and the latest version iOS 9.

Upcoming Support for iOS 10

After the public beta version of iOS 10 is available, we will provide early access releases for both XenMobile 9 and 10 for WorxHome and Citrix WorxApps. We recommend that XenMobile customers not install the iOS 10 developer beta or public beta other than for internal lab testing and evaluation purposes.  Contact a Citrix Sales Representative if you are interested in participating in the early access program.

Instant Compatibility for iOS 9

Apple’s newest release, iOS 9, introduces advanced security such as the ability to prevent users from sending attachments via AirDrop as well as restrict screen recording.”  XenMobile allows you to take advantage of these enhancements.  In addition, Worx Apps such as WorxMail and, WorxWeb are also compatible with iOS 9 devices.

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