HDX Flash Redirection security information

The HDX Flash Redirection feature optimizes the delivery of Flash based content to your device. This feature is intended to be used when your device is in a trustworthy environment and you are connecting to a trustworthy Citrix Virtual Apps or Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops server. Using this feature in other deployments could expose your device to some security risks. If your device is in an untrusted environment, such as an open Wi-Fi hotspot or cellular network, or you are connecting to an unknown or untrusted server, then use of HDX Flash Redirection is not recommended.

By default, you will be prompted before HDX Flash Redirection is used. If you decide not to allow this, then your connection will continue as normal but Flash content delivery will not be optimized. For further details and guidance on this, please contact your device or server administrator. If you installed the Adobe Flash player component to support HDX Flash Redirection then, in line with standard security best practices, Citrix recommends that you keep this component up to date and install any available security patches.