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Citrix Workspace Service

Only Citrix offers the most complete and integrated workspace-as-a-service to enable secure access to apps, desktops and data from anywhere. Rely on Windows app and desktop delivery from XenApp and XenDesktop Service, device security from XenMobile Service, and secure file sync and sharing with ShareFile. Add NetScaler Gateway Service and Web App Security Service for increased network security.

Deploying Cloud-First Workspaces with Citrix Cloud


  • Single management plane for your entire secure digital workspace
  • Freedom to select any cloud infrastructure provider to best meet your deployment needs 
  • Secure control of your company apps, desktops and data – either in your datacenter or any cloud
  • Automated updates reduce maintenance time—you’re always on the latest version 
  • Fastest way to adopt Citrix technology with little-to-nothing to install

XenApp and XenDesktop Service

Deliver secure virtual apps and desktops to any device, and leave the product installation, setup, configuration, upgrades and monitoring to Citrix. This service enables you to maintain complete control over applications, policies and users while delivering the best user experience on any device, under any network condition.

XenApp and XenDesktop Service Demo


  • Easily integrate with other Citrix Cloud services
  • Speed app and desktop deployment and time-to-production value
  • Provide secure remote access from any device to all corporate resources on the internal network
  • Select a cloud infrastructure provider that best meets your deployment needs
  • More easily manage apps and desktops centrally across multiple resource locations
  • Ensure that app and desktop virtualization is always up to date with the latest updates and features

XenMobile Service

Provide cloud-based, comprehensive enterprise mobility management (EMM) – including mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management and enterprise-grade productivity apps – for a secure user experience on BYO or corporate devices.

XenMobile Service Demo


  • Automated Onboarding for faster time to value
  • Simplified user assignment/subscription
  • Consistent Experience with Citrix Cloud
  • Easy access to additional workspace services through a single pane of glass with Citrix Cloud Services
  • Quickly create pilot environments for reduced production cycles
  • Maximize uptime by outsourcing of your EMM infrastructure
  • Rapid deployment without complex infrastructure configurations such as VPNs and IPsec Tunnels

ShareFile Service

Meet the mobility and collaboration needs of employees and the data security requirements of the enterprise with this secure enterprise file sync and sharing service.


  • Easily integrate with other Citrix Cloud services
  • Provide employees access to 1 GB of data and files in sync across all their devices
  • Address collaboration needs with sharing of files. Expandable up to 100GB, internally or externally
  • Mobilize existing data in network shares, home drives, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and any ECM system
  • Ensure IT control over data storage, encryption and access policies
  • Access comprehensive reports to track and log user file access, sync and sharing activity – great for auditing

Smart Tools

Citrix Smart Tools are a collection of easily consumable services for IT Admins that deliver value to the Citrix-stack by enhancing security, increasing availability and performance and simplifying Cloud adoption. Integrated into a unified console, Smart Tools facilitate automated deployment, usage-based scaling, simplified migration and proactive health checks and repair for Citrix workloads.

Learn more about Smart Check, a component of Smart Tools


  • Accelerate time-to-value by removing provisioning bottlenecks and automating deployment of Citrix workloads and enterprise applications across datacenters and on- or off-premises clouds
  • Ensure consistent deployments with an architecture based on best-practices blueprints
  • Enhance IT operations management of Citrix workloads and enterprise applications through application-centric monitoring and alerts
  • Provide redundancy and enables automatic scaling and disaster recovery of applications

XenApp Secure Browser

Deliver secure remote access to web and SaaS applications from the cloud with zero end point configuration. Administrators pre-define the web browser and plug-ins needed to securely access the web application. End users access these pre-defined web applications via a simple URL– no need to log in to a VPN or a locally installed Citrix Receiver. The app is launched from the cloud or datacenter and opens up a Receiver for HTML5 session inside the user’s preferred browser, adding an extra layer of security between your corporate network and the end point.


  • Publish virtual browsers from a Citrix managed SaaS offering
  • Simplify administration with just three steps to publish a secure web app: define, test and distribute
  • Zero touch end point management means nothing to install, manage or configure on the device
  • Eliminate the need for a VPN by providing transparent secure remote access and a simplified end user experience without compromising security
  • Deliver the best browser experience for a specified web application
  • Centralize control of plug-ins
  • Reduce IT support calls by eliminating the need for specific plug-ins or browser on the end point


  • Publish new web apps in minutes with Citrix Cloud Secure Browser
  • Deploy and manage it yourself with XenApp Secure Browser Edition
  • Simplify deployment with the Citrix Smart Tools Secure Browser Optimization Kit available to new or existing XenApp and XenDesktop customers with active Software Maintenance or Software Assurance (excluding XenDesktop VDI edition)

App Layering

Rethink your application management strategy with Citrix App Layering. With App Layering, you can package any Windows app as a portable virtual disk with a normal install and deliver it anywhere—without further installations. Update it, combine it with other layers, roll it back, or retire it just as easily.
With App Layering, you can:

  • Achieve app compatibility greater than 99.5%
  • Enable packaging apps once for on-demand (elastic) or base image delivery
  • Offer app and OS sharing across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments
  • Eliminates golden images and ‘image sprawl’
  • Support on-demand app delivery for both VDI and XenApp

NetScaler Gateway Standard Service

Utilize the most secure way to deliver virtual apps and desktops using Citrix Cloud. NetScaler Gateway Service (NGS) is a cloud based offering that is simple to deploy and manage, ensures availability of XenApp and XenDesktop service and provides the best user experience on any device, under any network condition.


  • Simplicity: Reduce NetScaler deployment and management complexity using a cloud-based offering
  • Always Current: Simplify management of NetScaler Gateway with always up-to-date product
  • Security and High availability: Improve security and availability of XenApp and XenDesktop Services
  • Speed: Provide faster and easier way to deploy and manage NetScaler Gateway
  • Convenience: Gateway services packaged and sold together to simplify meeting the use cases that IT most commonly faces

NetScaler Web App Security Services

NetScaler Web App Security Service is a cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) service that protects customers’ web applications and infrastructure from cyber security attacks. NetScaler Web App Security service has historical retention capabilities for easy operations and incident analysis.


  • Fast Deployment: Click & Protect with NetScaler Web App Security Service – less than 5 clicks from first time login to protection
  • Comprehensive Security: NetScaler Web App Security Service provides protection against web application attacks using signatures, blacklisted and whitelisted URLs/applications, IP Reputation etc.
  • Ease of Use: It is quick and easy to deploy, manage, and report on NetScaler Web App Security Service through simplified GUI

NetScaler Management and Analytics Service

Manage any physical or virtual NetScaler infrastructure and gain real-time visibility to application performance and security in the data-center and across the hybrid cloud. Let Citrix take care of the installation, setup, operation and monitoring of the service.

NetScaler Management and Analytics Service Demo


  • Harness a rich set of data about apps, users and devices for applications deployed on-premise and in the cloud.
  • Use analytics to turn the data into insights for application performance management, troubleshooting and security threat mitigation.
  • Map applications to infrastructure so that applications can always be managed end-to-end wherever they are deployed.
  • Access a powerful set of dashboards to see summarized and detailed performance and security threat information per application.
  • Automate critical provisioning, configuration, logging, policy enforcement and management tasks.
  • Manage, monitor and audit all HDX traffic associated with XenDesktop and XenApp environments.
  • Get full visibility to user authentication issues, end-point check failures, and single sign-on failures for application traffic.

Citrix Cloud Labs Services

Find interesting technologies for new or experimental services and features in Citrix Cloud Labs. These services are new and unsupported, may change over time, and may not necessarily become Citrix Cloud services. We value your input, feedback, and conversations on our Citrix Cloud - Labs Discussions page. Check out all of the new Citrix Cloud Labs services.

Partner Services

Citrix Cloud services now include management of partner-based services.

XenApp Essentials Service
XenApp Essentials Service, for application virtualization, combines the power and flexibility of the Citrix Cloud management platform, and the industry leading end-user experience of XenApp, with the simple, prescriptive, and easy-to-consume technology recognized as the next generation of Microsoft Azure RemoteApp. XenApp Essentials is available exclusively in the Azure Marketplace.

Learn more 

XenDesktop Essentials Service
XenDesktop Essentials Service is designed for the management and delivery of Microsoft Windows 10 virtual desktops hosted on Microsoft Azure. This service harnesses the power of Citrix XenDesktop to simplify Windows 10 migration, expedite Windows 10 on Azure deployment, and streamline on-going management at-scale while delivering a rich user experience. XenDesktop Essentials is available exclusively in the Azure Marketplace.

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