Become a Citrix Workspace champion

Successful change management starts with you

Your organization already took the first step toward delivering a better employee experience by choosing Citrix Workspace. But successful change management — helping people understand, accept, and embrace changes in the way they work — is key to realizing the full value of your new solution.

“The most obvious reason why digital adoption is important is simple — no matter how effective or powerful a new software solution is, it is only as good as the number of people using it.” — CIO


According to CIO, 71% of employees want their companies to provide workplace technology that’s as innovative as the tech they use in their personal lives.


"Companies that invest in and deliver superior experiences to both consumers and employees are able to charge a premium of as much as 16% for their products and services." –PwC

What does it mean to be a Citrix Workspace champion?

As a Citrix Workspace champion, you have the passion and knowledge for inspiring others in your organization to use and get the most out of their new workspace solution. You don’t need a technical background or 40 hours a week to dedicate. Being a champion simply means you’re committed to helping employees in your organization understand how they can work smarter, not harder, by using Citrix Workspace to access what they need and better collaborate with others.

What steps should you take for successful enablement?

  1. Get an executive champion
  2. Form a cross-functional team of champions
  3. Build an awareness campaign that gets everybody excited
  4. Create role-specific training
  5. Ask for feedback

Bechtle is future-ready by focusing on adoption and user experience

“[We are] using customer adoption kits, training videos published on YouTube, and integrating them into our own documentation really to help the users in adopting the technology and using the technology.”

Marco Stalder
Team Leader of Workspace Services

Next step

Build a team of champions