Simplicity with Citrix Endpoint Management Service

In today’s personal, adaptive, and agile work environment, it’s essential to have a simple way to manage any type of device employees choose to use. With Citrix cloud services, we do most of the heavy lifting—including product installation, setup, upgrades, and monitoring—while you maintain complete control over applications, policies, and users. Empower employees to do their best work however they want to work—with the simplicity and security your IT team needs to do their own best work.

Here are three reasons to move to Citrix Endpoint Management service:

1. You want the migration to be quick and seamless.

No matter how many devices you have enrolled – from 25 to 100,000 – you can migrate your account without the need to re-enroll devices. You won’t even need to upload new licenses. Citrix will export your database, create your service cluster, install your cloud connector, and configure Citrix Gateway so you’re up and running fast. Deployment via Citrix Cloud can happen in as little as two hours, so users have very minimal impact.

2. You want better employee experience.

Increase productivity while reducing support calls. With Citrix Endpoint Management built-in resiliency, your workforce stays connected. We maintain the infrastructure, scaling, monitoring, and delivery. Automatic updates mean your users have instant access to new features and bug fixes. 

3. You want cost efficiency.

With Citrix Endpoint Management, you pay a regular annual subscription—and that’s it. There’s no additional cost for support, maintenance or upgrades by Citrix Cloud Ops, no need to resize or refresh hardware, and no staff costs for staging and implementation. The subscription also includes a free migration service.

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