Citrix Endpoint Management: The benefits of moving to the Cloud

With all the great benefits that a cloud service can offer, companies have never been more motivated to move to a cloud service. We know that for some, this can be a timely process, and bring new challenges to the organization. Citrix has a solution for you!

Join this webinar to hear more about how Citrix can help you get to the cloud, and take advantage of our industry first migration service for your on-premises Citrix XenMobile deployments. Our migration eliminates the need to re-configure your deployment, and best of all, not re-enroll your endpoints. Learn more about how our dedicated migration service experts will walk you through every step in your migration journey.

In this webinar we will also cover:

  • The process of our on-premises to cloud migration service.
  • Understanding how to quickly expand your deployment and integrate other cloud services.
  • Benefits of becoming a Citrix Cloud customer.