Technology in Practice Webinar Series

Increase your organization’s mobile productivity

This Technology in Practice (TIPs) webinar will provide expert guidance and technical details on expanding user adoption of Citrix Endpoint Management.

Learn how enterprise-wide usage can improve security, mobile productivity, and freedom of device/platform choice.

We will cover common and advanced use cases, including securing user email, SSO and proxy considerations for Citrix MDX apps, and advanced enrollment options. In addition, join us for the following:

  • Configuring delivery groups
  • Understanding the full scope of endpoint support – not just iOS and Android
  • Adding apps like web, SaaS, and MDX for delivery to user devices
  • Integrating with other Citrix products like Content Collaboration
  • Enhancing Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune)

The Citrix Customer Success team is here to help you increase adoption of Endpoint Management so you can take advantage of all of the benefits. Don’t miss this chance to learn how to deliver a unified endpoint management solution to all your users so they can work productively and securely.