SMBs Need Improved Defenses to Protect Remote Workers

Protect your users, apps, and data with end-to-end contextual access

As the movement to remote work morphs from a response to the pandemic to becoming the way business is done, cyber-attackers have changed focus.  Attackers have turned their attention to breaching the systems that remote workers use to access your critical business data.  The use of simple cyber-security tools such as a VPN or anti-malware product aren’t enough to protect you.  New threats that focus on collaboration tools, file-sharing, and phishing attacks on personal email accounts that run on the same device as corporate apps are all virulent and common.  And new threats are emerging every day.

Remote work must be truly secure and that requires a cyber-security solution for remote work designed to provide comprehensive security.  

This on-demand webinar will help you understand:

  • What the new remote work attack vectors are
  • The risk that any unmanaged device presents
  • How the concept of “zero trust” works and the protection it provides
  • What solutions that fit the needs and budgets of the SMB


  • Aaron Goldberg, CEO, Content 4 IT
  • Eric Kenney, Product Marketing, Citrix

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