Digital First: Transforming Manufacturing for the Age of Agility

Manufacturing is at a crossroads. Traditional manufacturing companies are now being challenged by tech companies and digital-born start-ups in the innovation race. The need to produce more, and faster has never been greater. Operational budgets are decreasing, despite increased investment in innovation; meanwhile productivity and quality targets continue to rise. And with disruption now an ever-present risk, manufacturers are being asked to do all of this while increasing resilience in their supply chains.

In this webinar we will be joined by Patrick Pernegger, Global Director, Digital Workplace at Siemens, who will share insights into their technology transformation journey. Plus, Saša Petrović, Digital Strategy Director at Citrix, will discuss how business and IT leaders can navigate the path forward, focusing on three of the hottest topics for manufacturers today:

  • Building smarter supply chains for flexibility, agility and resilience
  • Cybersecurity in a world of distributed ecosystems and connected technologies
  • The role of hybrid and flexible working in talent retention and productivity

Join us now to hear from these thought leaders on the future of manufacturing.


Saša Petrović
Digital Strategy Director

Patrick Pernegger
Global Director

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