Citrix StoreFront

Mobilize your workforce with an enterprise, self-service app store

Citrix StoreFront is an enterprise app store for users that aggregates and presents virtual app and desktop resources from on-premises and hybrid deployments—delivering a near-native user experience across Citrix Workspace app (formerly Citrix Receiver) on any platform. As the classic iteration of Citrix Workspace, Citrix StoreFront enables your mobile workforce to work from anywhere.

The Citrix StoreFront of the future

Increasingly, customers are making the move from StoreFront to the Citrix Workspace experience for a more complete digital workspace that's delivered on-demand.

Today, Citrix StoreFront offers a common interface where users can choose the virtual apps and virtual desktops they need to be productive in their mobile workstyles. With the Citrix Workspace experience, you can leverage any on-premises deployments you currently have while offloading management with desktop as a service (DaaS) workloads, receiving the latest updates, and incorporating additional Citrix services—all with a modern, branded interface.

Why switch from Citrix StoreFront to the Citrix Workspace experience?

Simplified management

Citrix Workspace is delivered as a cloud service, eliminating the overhead of StoreFront servers, certificates, database, and required maintenance amongst teams

Enhanced security

Citrix Workspace delivers secure remote access to virtual apps and desktops with diverse identity management capabilities, industry-leading authentication, and up-to-date security enhancements

Improved resiliency

The multifaceted design of Citrix Workspace dynamically adjusts to disruption, and global service availability delivers secure connectivity from any location

Compare Citrix StoreFront vs. Citrix Workspace

Both Citrix StoreFront and Citrix Workspace experience enable flexible work. With access on any platform including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS, and HTML5, from Citrix Workspace app, both interfaces are device-agnostic. But with Citrix Workspace experience, you get all of that, and much more.

Feature StoreFront Workspace
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops integration

Analytics integration
Offline resilience  
Single sign-on to all resources  
Multi-factor authentication  
Cross-platform client support  
Basic customizations  
Web and SaaS app aggregation    
Recently accessed files and applications    
Microapp aggregation    
Elastic scalability    

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Citrix Workspace benefits in action

For international insurance company, HDI, their years long journey with Citrix took them from leveraging on-premises deployments and VPNs to embracing the fully cloud-based Citrix Workspace experience.

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With Citrix Workspace, we get financial benefits. We did not buy hardware to support more virtual machines because the solution is cloud-based. [Also,] the built-in security measures are especially compelling.

Gilliard Delmiro


Citrix StoreFront is installed on Microsoft Windows servers allowing end-users to connect from the endpoint device of their choice. Connections may happen directly (typically for internal access scenarios) or externally through a Citrix Gateway on a Citrix ADC (formerly NetScaler Gateway). The recommendation is to install two or more StoreFront servers within the data center or cloud environment behind a firewall. That way, they work together in a group to handle load balancing and HA requirements. The admin creates one or more StoreFront Stores through the StoreFront configuration within the management console. This config consists of a store name, base URL, user interface settings, timeout settings, and appropriate SSL certificates.

There are several authentication methods available to handle user logons including traditional Active Directory username and password, SAML, passthrough, and smart cards. StoreFront communicates to the backend delivery controllers through the Broker Service (formerly XML Service) for enumeration of resources and launching the published applications and desktops with Citrix Workspace app and the ICA protocol. There is also a PowerShell SDK with various APIs that allows admins to change advanced settings, further customize the interface, and automate specific tasks.

Keep the infrastructure you have

You don’t have to move all of your resources to the cloud overnight. By taking the first step to the cloud and leveraging cloud workloads or the cloud management plane, you gain access to the Citrix Workspace Experience. Additionally, your current on-premises apps and desktops can integrate seamlessly into the new UI.

Move at your pace

It is important to start by collecting requirements around your specific StoreFront deployment today, and start plan to use Workspace Experience in a pilot fashion. When you are ready to move, leverage site aggregation and add cloud connectors to your on prem environment to enable your resources to move to Workspace.

Gain seamless access

Once your users are leveraging the Citrix Workspace experience, we do the work for you. All you need to do is configure your environment. Once your users are on the latest interface, they get the most recent updates and capabilities.