Integrate with industry-first embedded intelligence and automation to proactively improve Citrix user experience

While Citrix experts focus on time-consuming root cause isolation and troubleshooting work, most tools need Citrix knowledge, which presents a hurdle for IT generalists. Furthermore, IT user experience scores are frequently based on very subjective surveys.

Join us to learn how embedded intelligence and automation can help more IT personnel, not just experts, tackle performance issues – and how you can steer clear of the surveys and objectively rate IT performance.


Manjunatha Gali
Senior Manager, Technical Marketing, Citrix

Avi Lipp
Technical Consultant, Goliath Technologies

Karen Armor
Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Goliath Technologies

Every tenth webinar attendee (US and Canada only) will receive an Amazon Echo Dot.

Note: Not applicable to Citrix and Partner employees

Find and fix user experience issues from one, easy-to-use, performance analytics dashboard.