What are Citrix secure access solutions?

Citrix secure access solutions address one of the biggest security challenges facing enterprises today: As the workforce becomes more distributed, and as more business applications are delivered from the cloud, many traditional security architectures are proving to be inadequate. On the one hand, remote employees need fast, easy access to apps and data so they can be productive and engaged. While some of these apps are sanctioned from IT, many are potentially unsanctioned apps that could store corporate data.

At Citrix, secure access and employee experience go hand-in-hand. Why? Because now more than ever, you need solutions capable of securing applications from unauthorized access, network-level threats, browser-based attacks and more—without complicating the employee experience.

With Citrix secure access solutions, your applications are continually protected—no matter where employees work, which devices they use or what your infrastructure looks like.

How do Citrix secure access solutions differ from other security alternatives?

When it comes to securing access to apps and data, there’s more at stake than protecting against threats and vulnerabilities. For employees to remain productive and engaged, you need to ensure access is hassle-free—no need for multiple logins or continual password resets.

That’s why Citrix secure access solutions are designed to provide the best of both worlds: An unmatched work-from-anywhere application experience and advanced contextual and cloud-delivered security. The difference lies in two critical areas: VPN-less, zero-trust security and a full secure access service edge (SASE) solution.

Unlike traditional on-premises VPN, end-to-end zero trust security allows users to access both SaaS and internal web apps remotely without needing to access your entire network. This zero trust approach allows you to use a combination of contexts—such as identity, time and device posture—to grant access based on where and how apps are used.

Meanwhile, a full cloud-delivered security stack is especially critical as more employees work from home. Having a unified SASE solution provides the best, most secure application experience at scale. When you use global cloud service solutions designed for full coverage and resiliency, policies and protections are automatically updated to match the current threat landscape.

Protect apps everywhere with Citrix Secure Workspace Access and Citrix Secure Internet Access

Secure access to sanctioned apps with an industry-leading zero trust solution.

Explore Citrix Secure Workspace Access

Protect employees from the threats and vulnerabilities of unsanctioned apps.

Explore Citrix Secure Internet Access

How do Citrix secure access solutions help you stay ahead of threats?

Citrix Secure Workspace Access and Citrix Secure Internet Access provide the fully integrated, automated solutions businesses need to keep applications secure and employees productive.

Citrix Secure Workspace Access unifies access to all virtual, web and SaaS apps and protects users, apps and data with end-to-end contextual security controls. By setting policies to grant access based on locations, devices and user behavior, this zero trust solution ensures employees have reliable (and secure) access to SaaS, web and virtual apps at all times.

Citrix Secure Internet Access is part of a turnkey SASE architecture that equips you with comprehensive, cloud-delivered security including the secure web gateway, next-generation firewall and more. With intelligence from 10+ threat engines and 100+ points of presence (PoPs), this solution ensures employees have the best, most secure experience—for any application, anywhere, on any device.

What can you do with Citrix secure workspace and internet access solutions?

Thousands of organizations rely on Citrix secure access solutions to provide secure, seamless access to applications.

Implement zero trust security with one solution

Protect your users, apps and data with end-to-end contextual access

Replace traditional VPNs with a zero trust approach

Provide easy access to all apps—without the need for a VPN

Simplify and secure user access to applications

Go beyond SSO with advanced security controls for all your apps

Simplify and secure access to all applications 

IT leader provides integrated security functions to protect essential apps and data from any location

As Germany’s largest IT provider, Bechtle, Germany’s largest IT provider, uses Citrix secure access solutions to future-proof technology for 70+ locations across Europe.

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The Citrix solution gives us all the components we need to supply our digital workspaces efficiently and securely.

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SASE: Unified, secure and reliable access to applications, anywhere, from any device

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