Extend your network to the cloud with easy, automated on-ramps

Cloud transformation involves a move away from physical resources in data centers to virtual resources in public clouds – taking business applications along with it. As a result, the cloud has become an extended part of the WAN, and IT teams need an interconnect to bridge the distributed enterprise offices to workloads in the cloud.

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With Citrix cloud on-ramps, you can quickly connect branch offices and locations to applications running in SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or in the data center. Citrix SD-WAN automates these connections and delivers unmatched performance for mission- and business-critical applications to help maximize uptime and productivity. 

Citrix brings a new level of performance and reliability for SaaS by using a private, enterprise-grade network that bypasses the public internet. With Citrix SD-WAN Cloud Direct service, you get direct peering to thousands of SaaS applications and over 150 cloud and network exchanges, last mile link optimization including failover in milliseconds, bi-directional QoS, and connection load balancing. From the branch, the Cloud Direct application running inside the SD-WAN will determine the nearest point-of-presence (PoP) and utilize the most optimal routes resulting in fast performance with maximum service uptime. Citrix Cloud Direct PoPs are already in service in the US and Europe, and strategically co-located within the same facility or within 1ms access to thousands of SaaS applications.

A Citrix SD-WAN virtual appliance (VPX) is available on the Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud marketplaces. By deploying a VPX in an IaaS or PaaS cloud and a Citrix SD-WAN appliance on-prem, your network will benefit from advanced capabilities such as dual-ended QoS, last mile visibility, congestion awareness, and link resiliency with failover in milliseconds.

With a Citrix SD-WAN at both ends, you can quickly establish high-availability connections to VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) or VNet (Virtual Network) resources. A multitude of security features protect your applications, network, and cloud including strong encryption, IPsec connectivity, and a built-in stateful firewall. Ensure users anywhere can seamlessly access workloads across clouds and data centers with the best experience for cloud and virtual applications.

Citrix SD-WAN for Azure Virtual WAN offers an easy and automated way to set up large-scale connectivity to Microsoft’s Azure global backbone. It automates branch-to-cloud connectivity and quickly onboards all your sites in minutes. Securely transport traffic over the internet by configuring IPsec tunnels from the Citrix SD-WAN orchestration service with a few simple clicks. Monitor the status of connections, and redirect traffic to alternate tunnels or hubs as needed. Using Microsoft’s global network backbone, you can optimize routing to ensure the best application experience.

Additionally, automated Azure deployment of SD-WAN speeds the deployment process with automated instantiation and centralized provisioning of SD-WAN virtual instances. Through a single SD-WAN console you can quickly and easily provision, authenticate, and connect Citrix SD-WAN VPX appliances in Azure to your network so you can get your branches up and running quickly and with minimal manual configuration.

Citrix SD-WAN and the Equinix Performance Hub with Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX) integrated solution provides enterprises an easy to manage network solution that is both scalable and reliable for hybrid, multi-cloud deployments. Citrix SD-WAN creates secure virtual overlays of multiple aggregated links from branch offices directly to Equinix locations around the world. With ECX, enterprises can quickly spin up additional cloud compute and data analytics resources when workload spikes occur.

Citrix SD-WAN selects the best path for each application to ensure high application quality and instantly fails over if a network connection is lost or becomes degraded. And, with ECX, organizations can enable cloud failover to keep their applications running in the event of outages. The ECX service provides low latency and cost-efficient connections to cloud providers including Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, as well as optimized connections to SaaS applications including Microsoft Office 365.

Citrix product

Citrix SD-WAN

  • Automates cloud on-ramps with connectivity choice
  • Eliminates latency and traffic congestion with intelligent, packet-level real-time path selection
  • Simplifies management and traffic steering with intelligent, policy-based routing