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Gain visibility into app and network activity with simplified security monitoring and detection

Even in the best-secured environment, maintaining compliance and preventing breaches can be almost impossible without security monitoring and detection.  

Our solutions give you better visibility into your app and network activity using log monitoring, analysis, and escalation so you can filter noise from salient information, detect abnormal connection attempts, and identify indicators of attack and compromise. They also integrate with many third-party advanced detection systems to help you handle threats, and also reduce the scope of security and compliance audits.

Watch over user activity to keep things running smoothly

Visibility into your users’ activity will enable you to anticipate and quickly respond to performance degradation, whether it’s on the endpoint, network, or server side.

Because visibility can be more challenging in complex deployments with lots of applications, Citrix ADC simplifies monitoring by providing a central point through which all application information travels. While the primary purpose of this design is to allow load balancing and SSL offload for scalability and availability, it also ideally positions Citrix ADC to parse both web and ICA traffic for any type of application using any type of encryption.

Citrix Application Delivery Management provides real-time analytics to help you identify and address application performance and security issues across your network infrastructure. It also provides application-level integration with external orchestration systems.

Detect attacks and breaches faster with logging and alerting

Regular security auditing and accounting of user access, configuration changes, and account management logs help capture early indicators of attack and compromise. Some things to look out for include unusual and large volume of outbound traffic, unusual account activity—especially for privileged accounts—and failed and successful logons from unusual locations.

Citrix ADC auditing provides logs for real-time and historical actions, like successful or failed authentication or authorization attempts, and AAA (authentication, authorization, and auditing) sessions for all application traffic.

Reduce the scope of security compliance audits

Strict adherence to high encryption standards has long been a requirement for government agencies. FIPS compliance is quickly becoming a topic of interest in commercial spaces, banks, credit card processors, and healthcare organizations seeking to secure traffic inside their data centers.

Our solutions protect traffic between devices and your data center using Common Criteria-validated configurations and FIPS 140-2 capabilities, helping you better comply with regulations and requirements, and reduce the scope of compliance audits.

Citrix ADC integration provides FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliance for an even higher level of information assurance with a hardened appliance. Data centralization, hosted delivery, and remote display restrict PCI data to a small, protected space that can be audited more completely and efficiently than an entire internal network.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Citrix ADC together make up the only end-to-end app and desktop delivery solution available that meets Common Criteria certification, an ISO standard for software security function that evaluates authentication, access control, administration, and secure communication.

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