Healthcare IT solutions

In complex, uncertain times...
We support the NHS with digital transformation by providing clinicians with instant access to patient information as they roam across facilities, devices and networks.
…we give you the flexibility to focus on patients.

Enhancing Patient Care

We help free up clinical staff from time wasted with multiple log-in and waiting for desktops to launch, meaning they can spend more time with their patients.

Doing more with less

We can help you reduce IT management and operating costs …so you can do more with less. We also help deliver a ‘greener’ IT experience meaning you can save money whilst reducing the impact you make on the environment.

Securing Patient Data

We can help you with secure access to clinical systems and sharing of sensitive patient records. Giving you full control of your data whilst giving your clinical staff the freedom to do their best work. We also say goodbye to shared user accounts with Single Sign-on to create clear audit trails and lines of accountability.

Finding and keeping the right people

We can help your clinical staff work securely from anywhere with a unified user experience. This seamless experience and exciting new tech can help attract the best clinical talent but also tap into other talent pools in different parts of the country.

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New models of Health – featuring Gloucestershire NHS Foundation Trust

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Holistic, real-time information improves results for hospital trust

An increase in two home visits per nurse per day, and better patient and staff outcomes using Citrix and Microsoft.

With Citrix, we’ve improved how we record, store and access patient information, and in turn, are able to provide more efficient, safer patient care

Mike Robinson
Director of IT Infrastructure

The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust - Case Study

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