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Citrix Workspace app Technology Preview for Chrome

Citrix Workspace app incorporates the full capabilities of Citrix Receiver in addition to new digital workspace technology. It is important to note that this Early Access Release of Workspace app is to assess the compatibility of Workspace app for Chrome users within your organization. 

What does this EAR include?
The EAR of this version of Citrix Workspace app is to evaluate backwards compatibility with existing XenApp and XenDesktop sites. It can be used as a replacement for Citrix Receiver in conjunction with Citrix StoreFront. The new Citrix Workspace UI is dependent on Citrix Workspace Platform. Once Citrix Workspace Platform becomes available at a later date, Citrix Workspace app can be directed to the Workspace Platform to deliver the new integrated workspace user experience.  

What is the Workspace Platform?
The Workspace Platform is a Citrix Cloud service that enumerates and delivers all your digital workspace resources to Citrix Workspace app. Simplified administration is provided through a unified Citrix Cloud console. The Citrix Workspace Platform will be available as a technical preview at a later date. More information on the Workspace app and Workspace Platform can be found in our recently published blog.   

You can participate in the tech preview for the new value add services behind the Citrix Workspace Platform like Citrix Access Control for SaaS apps, Citrix Mobile App integration and Citrix Files integration. Please reach out to your Citrix contact to get access to it when these service feeds become available at the later date.

Please note that while Citrix will evaluate all issues reported during the EAR period, we reserve the right to determine which issues will be fixed for that release.

Kindly provide your feedback here: https://podio.com/webforms/19653047/1329504

Thank you for participating in the Citrix Receiver for Chrome Early Release Program! Going forward this program will be known as the Citrix Workspace app for Workspace app for Chrome/HTML5 Early Release Program.

We look forward to your feedback.

The Workspace app team.

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WorkspaceApp for Chrome

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WorkspaceApp SDK for Chrome

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WorkspaceApp SDK Docs for Chrome

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WorkspaceApp SDK Examples for Chrome

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WorkspaceApp VCSDK for Chrome

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WorkspaceApp VCSDK Docs for Chrome

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WorkspaceApp VCSDK Examples for Chrome

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