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Citrix outlines vision for IT transformation

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New Workspace
Cloud, the future of
on-demand IT

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New innovations in XenApp, XenDesktop provide unmatched value

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Empower your business with Mobile Workspaces

Securely deliver apps, desktops, data and services to any device on any network or cloud.


Manage mobile apps and devices

Enable mobile productivity by empowering people to work from anywhere while providing IT with full configuration, security and management control of apps, data and devices. 


Collaborate from anywhere

Stay connected and work together in real-time, using the cloud to aid in communication, file sharing and project management across geographic distances.


Secure apps and data

Protect and control confidential business information while enabling employee productivity with the right level of secure access across devices, locations and networks.


Virtualize Windows desktops and apps

Transform Windows desktop delivery into an on-demand mobile service with a highly optimized user experience on any device.


Optimize your network

Create a network service delivery fabric that optimizes performance, availability and scale for all your enterprise, mobile and cloud services.


Leverage the cloud

Extend your datacenter to leverage any cloud and ensure the most optimal performance, scale and cost economics to run your business.

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