Improving the fan experience

For the Miami Marlins, baseball is now mobilized. Staff members can work productively both inside and out of the stadium. Talent scouts can share sensitive data via tablets. Ticket agents can virtually bring fans to the Marlins’ complex for an immersive 3-D experience, letting them choose the seat of their dreams no matter where they’re located.

Watch the Miami Marlins transformation (1:09)

Citrix serves the world’s businesses 

The world’s largest financial, healthcare, educational and government organizations share the ability to securely deliver apps and data anywhere, on any device.

Citrix solutions:

  • Help doctors quickly access medical records and improve patient care
  • Enable teachers to collaborate and let students learn in new ways
  • Provide secure mobile banking to financial institutions and their customers


Banking and Financial Services


Cornerstone Home Lending

The mortgage lender’s ability to process loans much faster is a credit to its customers.


Social media, email, phone calls, mobile devices: the bank’s customers are getting the services they want when they want them.


Piraeus Bank Egypt

The financial firm delivers always-on services to its growing number of branches and its customers.



York County Schools

For more than 12,000 students, education is no longer confined to the classroom.


Georgia Institute of Technology

Students say goodbye to long wait times for workstations and hello to virtual labs and graphics-intensive applications.

University of Central Florida

What happens when students can access the apps they need when they need them? New, flexible learning spaces appear.




Ministry of the Interior

Safety, immigration, elections, and public emergencies: The ministry keeps its web portals safe for citizens.


Orange County Community Resources

Local public libraries dust off old PCs and give patrons better and safer computer access.


California Department of Justice

Police officers keep cities safe by accessing criminal records 300 percent faster.




Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System

By cutting the time to access health records by 30 seconds per interaction, this provider improves patient care.


Taranaki District Health Board

Armed with mobile devices, doctors treat patients outside the halls of the hospital. 


Saint Francis Hospital

By enabling anytime, anywhere access to electronic medical records, the hospital delivers a new level of care.



Taco, Inc.

Getting rid of paper on the manufacturing floor has led to increased employee productivity and a stronger competitive advantage.


Create a virtual desktop system of 3D CAD applications by XenDesktop and XenServer, cases were high-speed data access from overseas bases.


With real-time collaboration between Italy and Indianapolis, the chassis manufacturer makes the fastest racing cars in the world.


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