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Setting the standard: How Citrix is paving the way with more modern, personalized online learning solutions

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has experienced a recent surge in virtual learning as organizations look to uncover innovative and effective ways to learn – while remaining distanced from one another.

But Citrix partner, EPIOZ, is no novice when it comes to online education. The end- to-end virtualization solution partner, headquartered in Buffalo, New York, has employed online training from Citrix for approximately five years. EPIOZ recently upgraded to the Citrix All-Access Learning Subscription, which launched in November 2019.

“Instantly, I thought it was a return on investment,” EPIOZ President and CEO Stephen D. Holder said of the decision to pursue the Citrix All-Access Learning Subscription. “The fact that the courses are readily available and that you can revisit them is great! They have hands-on labs that allow you to practice and that’s well worth its weight in gold. It outshines watching a YouTube video of somebody fixing an issue.”

Taking Virtual Learning to the Next Level

With remote work and virtual education becoming increasingly prevalent, the need for effective alternatives in lieu of in-classroom training remains crucial. While Holder still values traditional in-person training, he emphasized the importance of the Citrix All-Access Learning Subscription, as professionals attempt to remain current in today’s changing environment.

“The learning paths are broken down nicely, so the modules aren’t too long – maybe six, seven minutes per video – and you get the course material to follow along in a PDF format,” Holder said.

The Citrix All-Access Learning Subscription delivers a more personalized take on traditional virtual learning; one of its key features is the ability for users to schedule dedicated one-on-one time with Citrix Certified Instructors.

“There’s a bit more personality there because you can reach out and contact an instructor to get help or a direct answer,” Holder said. “As opposed to searching for solutions on websites or videos.”

Holder believes this Instructor Office Hours feature is a differentiator for Citrix, as it solves the biggest issue with typical virtual learning: A lack of personalized interaction. The Instructor Office Hours allow participants to communicate with Certified Citrix Instructors, who will clarify material, share leading practices and relate classroom lessons to real-life scenarios for further understanding. These instructors are the same instructors who teach the classes, offering an additional level of familiarity and comfort with students.

With the IT world constantly evolving, Holder also stressed the importance of education coming from the product vendor itself.

“You’re just not going to get that with another entity,” Holder said. “The training directly from the vendor is our number one solution.”

A 2020 TechValidate survey of Citrix customers found that 94 percent of them agreed they were able to extract greater value from their Citrix products due to Citrix training. (TVID: C2E-949-B1F). For EPIOZ, the Citrix All-Access Learning Subscription remains a key technology resource going forward – and its worth is quickly recognized upon implementation, Holder said.

“If you purchase the All-Access Learning Subscription and use it for as little as one week, you will immediately see value,” Holder said.

If you purchase the All-Access Learning Subscription and use it for as little as one week, you will immediately see value.
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