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Creating better care solutions with Bright Horizons and Citrix

Bright Horizons uses Citrix application delivery solutions to support its leading childcare services across the United States

Bright Horizons is the world’s trusted education and care company. With more than 35 years of experience, Bright Horizons partners with leading employers to provide exceptional early learning, family care, and workforce education that transform lives and organizations.

Consistent, reliable access to a central suite of applications is critical to Bright Horizons, just as it is to so many other modern digital businesses today. To ensure the availability and performance of its business-critical applications, Bright Horizons uses Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC) and Application Delivery Management (ADM) at the core of its infrastructure.

With Citrix ADC load balancing features, flexible pooled capacity management, diverse form factors, and centralized management, Bright Horizons is able to promise an application experience for customers and employees that is as top-notch as the care they provide.

Deliver applications consistently across multi-cloud

Most enterprises today are utilizing a multi-cloud strategy for their application delivery infrastructure, with many using a hybrid approach to manage this transition. As an industry leader, Bright Horizons is already transitioning from on-premises deployments of Citrix ADC to virtual form factors, with some of their applications already deployed in Microsoft Azure.

With Citrix ADC Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB), Bright Horizons is able to distribute ADC instances across cloud regions and availability zones for an optimized user experience. For the global care provider, this means that all their critical apps—web apps, Microsoft Active Directory, employee apps, and customer-facing apps—are consistently available and performing at their best. Citrix ADC also provides load balanced, secure remote access to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, which Bright Horizons uses.

Because all Citrix ADC form factors are built on a single, unified code base, Bright Horizons is able to transition to the cloud seamlessly and at their own pace. Their new virtual form factors are easy to deploy and integrate with their existing infrastructure, protecting their existing on-premises investment.

Flexible capacity and centralized management

The Citrix ADC pooled capacity feature has been absolutely integral to providing Bright Horizons the flexibility and freedom to allocate throughput and virtual CPU licenses across their various ADC instances. For a large enterprise relying on a number of applications like Bright Horizons, demand can fluctuate for any number of reasons. To ensure that user experience for its applications remains consistently high quality, Bright Horizons uses pooled capacity to ensure that instances of Citrix ADC are able to maximize bandwidth utilization. When the capacity is no longer required, it can return to a shared pool and allocated to other ADC instances as needed.

In the midst of their massive cloud transformation, Bright Horizons needs to have total visibility over all their hybrid, multi-cloud application delivery infrastructure from one place. Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) gives them a holistic view of their entire Citrix ADC fleet with a single console, ensuring that management, analytics, and troubleshooting remain simple.

Bright Horizons is able to deploy new virtual instances of Citrix ADC and manage existing licenses directly from Citrix ADM, easily replicating their existing configuration templates with StyleBooks. All ADC updates can be centrally deployed, and Citrix ADM even intelligently recommends install times for a more convenient rollout. Pooled capacity is also managed centrally via Citrix ADM, making the critical function of capacity allocation easy.

A commitment to excellence

With Citrix ADC and Citrix ADM at the heart of its application infrastructure, Bright Horizons is able to undergo a full transformation to cloud application delivery while maintaining a seamless user experience and utilizing a single pane of glass to manage their entire fleet.

Bright Horizons has worked tirelessly since its founding in 1986 to redefine the way childcare has been provided. Just as Bright Horizons is committed to their best-in-class care services, so too are they dedicated to ensuring the applications at the heart of their business are always available and reliable for their employees and customers worldwide—and Citrix is proud to be an integral part of that mission.

Citrix has enabled Bright Horizons to continue to expand its operations in multiple countries while providing a secure workspace powered by Citrix ADC.
Gary Phillips
Senior Global Network Manager
Bright Horizons


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