Uncover and prevent unknown security threats, improve application performance, and optimize IT operations.


Citrix Analytics

Key benefits of advanced analytics

Modern IT architecture requires new ways to understand and react to security threats, improve application performance and optimize operations. Augmenting human-driven decision making with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) dramatically deepens discoveries and increases the speed at which IT professionals or the system can react. Advanced, intelligent analytics move beyond standard analytics, delivering hard-to-find insights that can improve the security, performance and bottom line of your business.  

Over the next twelve months, enterprises see data analytics, visual dashboards, predictive and prescriptive analytics as key investments delivering business value.
IDG: Data & Analytics Landscape in the Enterprise

Why Citrix Analytics?

The Citrix product portfolio uniquely affords aggregation and correlation of information across network traffic, users, files and endpoints to gain a comprehensive view of user activity, application performance and operational usage. Actions can be taken across Citrix products on unique insights gained enabling a closed-loop system.