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77% of surveyed customers believe that Citrix Customer Success Services have been key to their company’s success with Citrix.


What you get with Advanced

Advanced puts a range of resources and capabilities designed to deliver high-value transformation outcomes directly into your hands.

Enhanced employee experience (EX), rollout and advisory resources

An expanded library of end-to-end employee experience resources to maximize the value your Citrix users deliver. From direct end-user resources, to training and communication templates, to surveys and assessments, to practical planning tools and techniques.

Business value maximization tools 

Use self-service tools like rollout progress benchmarking and business benefit realization to quantify the real business value your environment delivers, and measure employee experience insights in real time. 

Comprehensive transformation and change management resources

Enhanced planning tools and resources to create and execute a step-by-step success plan that optimizes technical and project goals - with ongoing support across the whole transformation lifecycle. 

Environmental optimization assessment 

An interactive, self-service tool, designed by Citrix consulting experts, that validates your configuration decisions and provides actionable improvement steps to optimize your solution for the outcomes that drive your business. 

Unlimited self-paced technical training with Live Labs

Access the entire, always-growing library of on-demand technical training courses to build your Citrix expertise. Plus, access a Live Labs environment to apply new skills and concepts in a practical setting. 

Robust Cloud migration tools with expert support

Accelerate your transformation to a cloud-based digital workspace with advanced planning tools and troubleshooting resources. Plus, access to on-hand Citrix experts to validate and advance your workspace transformation plan. 

Elevated access to market-leading technical support resources

Build an enhanced backbone of value-oriented control, expertise and maintenance of your Citrix environment. Supplement access to our award-winning support engineers with robust self-service technical support resources. 

Deliver greater ROI with Customer Success packages

85% of customers experienced at least a 10% return on investment as a result of their Customer Success package


Compare package benefits

Explore the possibilities across Core, Advanced, Priority at a glance.

Success Feature Core Advanced Priority
Rollout progress benchmarking and business benefit realization tracking so you can easily translate solution performance into communicable outcomes.

Plus get real-time insights on employee experience and utilization.
Success plan
Employee experience design tools
Employee enablement and awareness library
Employee experience measurements and alerts
Business value maximization tools  
Technical account management    
Advisory Feature Core Advanced Priority
Access self-paced online training so your technical teams can learn to design, configure and implement change across your Citrix solution.

Then take employee empowerment to the next level by allowing them to hone those skills in a controlled Citrix lab environment.

Plus get actionable improvement recommendations via an interactive, self-service Environment Optimization Assessment.
Change management tools
Cloud migration tools
Self-paced technical training
Technical live labs  
Environment optimization assessment  
Environment supportability and operational review    
Customizable add-on packages aligned to your business objectives      
Support Feature Core Advanced Priority
Access unlimited self-service web, live chat, and phone support resources. 

Guidance and assistance during product installation, upgrades, and configurations.
24x7 technical support1
General guidance during product configuration2  
Priority queue     
Scheduled support     40 hours
Critical situation management    
Root cause analysis     SEV 1
Executive sponsor      

1 Citrix provides 24/7/365 for Severity 1 issues only. CSS Priority customers receive 24/7/365 for Severity 1 and Severity 2 issues. Assistance with Severity 2 (site degradation) and all other issues is available during local business hours (8am-6pm) as per regions listed in the Worldwide Support Services Guide.

2 Provide general guidance and assistance during product installation, upgrades, or configurations. Customers who require additional assistance for requirements like personalized design and implementation assistance can leverage our Partners or Citrix Consulting services for fee-based design and implementation assistance. 

Make success a Priority

Advanced equips you with the tools and resources to self-create powerful business outcomes with Citrix. Priority takes things to the next level, with elevated support, priority queueing, technical account management and more.

Your personalized success hub

Whatever package you choose, you can access a tailored universe of tools, resources, support and advice through your personalized Citrix Success Center.

It’s a digital hub that provides constant, on-demand access to your continuously improving entitlements.

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