Lifecycle milestones for Citrix Hypervisor

Specific lifecycle milestone dates for each release of the products are posted within the Product Matrix Table or Legacy Product Matrix Table. The products follow the typical lifecycle policies described in more detail on the Lifecycle Milestones pages. Citrix Hypervisor adopted a new Servicing Options release strategy starting with XenServer 7.1. General guidance regarding lifecycle milestones for each release strategy is defined below.

In addition to the typical phases and milestones, the End of Extended Support milestone defined below also applies to certain releases of these products.

Long term service release lifecycle

Citrix applies the following product lifecycle strategy to a Long Term Service Release (LTSR) of Citrix Hypervisor: A Long Term Service Release (LTSR) will reach End of Life (EOL) at least 5 years after the release date. A Long Term Service Release (LTSR) will reach End of Extended Support (EOES) at least 10 years after the release date. Citrix recommends customers maintain their LTSR sites with the latest Cumulative Update (CU). After the first Cumulative Update is released, code-level maintenance will only be available on the latest Cumulative Updates. A Long Term Service Release is eligible for the Extended Support Program. Eligibility of a Long Term Service Release and the associated cumulative updates are a benefit of Customer Success Services. The product release dates are noted on the product download pages and individual EOL and EOES dates for each LTSR are noted on the Product Matrix Table or Legacy Product Matrix Table.

End of extended support (EOES)

This milestone signifies when a specific product release will no longer be covered under the Extended Support Program. The Extended Support Program puts customers in control of their upgrade strategy by offering technical support and maintenance after the End of Maintenance (EOM) or End of Life (EOL) milestone. Refer to the Extended Support Program details.