Maximize success at every stage of your Citrix journey with help from Citrix consulting experts

The Citrix success loop

In the journey towards high-value outcomes, every Citrix solution naturally cycles through five stages: Plan, Build, Rollout, Manage and Optimize.

Citrix Consulting equips you with experienced Citrix experts to build and deliver specific outcomes for you across every stage of the success loop.

Whether you’re starting a new journey or supporting an existing goal, Citrix Consulting Kits help your Citrix solution progress to the next stage in the success loop.

What you get:
Citrix Consulting Kits for any solution


Plan Kit

Plot a course (and reveal the blindspots) for a successful deployment of your Citrix solution, including needs identification, environment design, success milestones and pre-identified risks and considerations.

Build Kit

We’ll build a user-ready production environment for any Citrix solution, designed for the specific goals and outcomes that drive your success.

Rollout Kit

We’ll implement, promote and fine-tune your Citrix solution across the business to reach a critical mass of users, help onboard new user groups, respond to feedback and accelerate valuable outcomes.

Manage Kit

Complete, optimal and ongoing management of your Citrix solution to provide you with maximum value and minimum management overhead. We do the work, you get the results.

Optimize Kit

Establish a performance baseline for your Citrix solution, then drive quantifiable improvements through specific actions across areas like performance, reliability and scalability.

What’s inside each Citrix Consulting Kit?

Consulting Kit Deliverables
Plan Kit
  • Requirements analysis
  • Conceptual environment design
  • Configuration blueprint
  • Technical requirements summary
  • Key findings presentation
Build Kit
  • Citrix infrastructure build and configuration
  • Image creation and app deployment
  • Current architecture diagram
  • Environment configuration summary
  • Quality assurance (QA) testing
  • Key findings presentation
Rollout Kit
  • Readiness strategy workshop
  • Production rollout support to find and mitigate usage blockers
  • Expert guidance toward prioritized rollout planning
  • Post-launch, on-demand rollout support
Manage Kit
  • Citrix-led administration
  • Environment monitoring and event management
  • Incident response and remediation
Optimize Kit
  • Baseline environment health check
  • Prioritized configuration updates to support your goals
  • Risks and recommendations report detailing key findings of assessment and quantifying improvements

Want a deeper dive?

Take consulting further

Every Citrix Consulting Kit can be tailored to the specific needs of your environment and your business goals. Check out our Consulting catalog to explore the customization options available and discover how you can take the outcomes of your Citrix Consulting Kits to the next level.



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