Meet the needs of your distributed workforce with a VPN alternative

Prevent network-level attacks with a zero trust approach

While it's never been easy, securing access to corporate resources was much simpler when employees came to office and used corporate-owned devices. Now people work remotely, using networks not secured by IT on devices they don’t manage. Which means you need a better way to keep data secure—wherever and however it’s accessed. That’s where zero trust network access (ZTNA) comes in. This VPN alternative offers an easier and more secure way to authorize access to IT sanctioned applications.

Executive summary

  • Traditional VPN solutions lack the modern security features needed to protect data in the era of remote and hybrid work.
  • By providing access at the application layer, Citrix Secure Private Access reduces your attack surface with zero trust security.
  • This VPN alternative automatically adapts access based on device posture and risk factors, without compromising the user experience.

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Business outcomes

Prevent network-level attacks

In today’s modern workstyles, traditional VPNs are highly susceptible to network-level attacks. They let inbound traffic travel through your corporate network, allowing any number of 100,000 daily web-borne threats1 to roam. Your applications are visible to the internet. And the risk of a data breach is high. Citrix Secure Private Access solves this problem with adaptive access. Unlike VPNs, which evaluate users just once, this ZTNA solution continues scanning throughout each session. Current locations, device posture, and risk scores are used to automatically apply security policies. So unauthorized access is history and external threats don’t stand a chance.

Enable secure BYO

On the one hand, remote workers want to choose which devices they use. At the same time, IT needs to ensure corporate data remains secure—an especially difficult challenge with VPNs that don’t support secure login from BYOD devices. As a result, more than 70% of IT executives name these devices as a chief culprit for cybersecurity risk2. Citrix Secure Private Access offers a better alternative. Unlike traditional VPNs, which require constant device management, Citrix lets you automatically adjust access based on where and how apps are used on BYOD devices. Your users remain productive, and IT stays in control.

Improve the user experience

When it comes to the digital workspace experience, traditional VPNs again fall short. They backhaul user traffic and put a lot of burden on the corporate network, affecting application performance along the way. And by routing both business and personal traffic through corporate IT, they can cause issues related to employee privacy. A better option is cloud-delivered ZTNA that can be easily adapted based on individual user activity and device posture. Citrix Secure Private Access does not require backhauling, is not prone to any network level threats, and scales automatically across all geographical regions. It ensures a superior employee experience without exposing your organization to unnecessary risk or creating privacy issues.

Authenticate based on context

With a traditional VPN solution, user and device context are evaluated only at login. Once authenticated, a user has full access to applications and network resources. There's no way to identify when stolen credentials or misuse of privileges may be at play, even though these account for 74% of data breaches3. In contrast, Citrix Secure Private Access provides capabilities to scan the device both before and after a session is established. IT admins can define how a user is authenticated and authorized based contextual results, such as location and device posture, as well as the users' risk profile. If suspicious activity is detected, security controls are automatically enforced.

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