Build your own hybrid cloud migration strategy

Make the most of every investment as you migrate apps to the cloud

Is your organization struggling with IT complexity? If so, you're far from alone. More than half of IT executives say cumbersome infrastructure and a lack of cloud investments is preventing them from embracing digital transformation. Others have attempted combining private and public clouds, with mixed results. In either scenario, it’s a big lift. And you need a way to streamline the process. With modern hybrid cloud solutions to smooth migrations, you can create the strategy that works best for your business. At whatever pace you prefer.

Executive summary

  • Many organizations are looking to accelerate cloud migrations to increase IT agility, but this shift can be complex.
  • With so many options, from keeping some apps on premises to leveraging multiple cloud platforms, there's no one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Citrix solutions make it easy to create the hybrid cloud environment that works best for your business.


Business outcomes

Move to the cloud on your terms

There’s no one-size-fits-all journey to the cloud. Some organizations need to stay in the datacenter for compliance and regulatory reasons. Others prefer public cloud hosting. And for many, the ideal solution falls somewhere in the middle. Only Citrix provides full flexibility to manage on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure side-by-side with public clouds, so you can embrace public, private, and on-premises resources however you see fit. There's no pressure to move workloads to the cloud before you're ready. But when you need to provision rapidly or support an expanding hybrid workforce, the option is always there.

Improve your security posture

When sourcing cloud services from multiple vendors, inconsistent security policies can be a big challenge. Most CISOs manage at least 16 different cybersecurity tools2. And IT leaders list everything from API vulnerabilities to ransomware as major concerns3. With Citrix DaaS and other digital workspace solutions, it’s easy to manage risk across public and private clouds. You can expand IT capabilities to prevent risks before they lead to breaches. Enable secure access to applications from any location, device, and network. All while ensuring your users can access the resources they need, no matter how it’s deployed.

Deliver a consistent experience

With applications and resources distributed across so many different environments, there’s no way to know when a network failure or cloud outage may impact your users. Which is a big concern, since unplanned downtime costs 35% more than planned outages.3 That’s why Citrix solutions are purpose-built for resiliency. When you deliver virtual apps and desktops, specialized HDX technology from Citrix DaaS keeps digital workspaces in high definition regardless of deployment model.

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