Become a mobile-ready campus

Education IT solutions from Citrix enable institutions to create a secure, mobile-ready campus that provides the seamless experience today’s students expect anywhere, anytime, on any device. Our innovative cloud, mobile and social tools allow secure access to apps and data so students can be successful, and teachers and administrators can deliver a curriculum based on student needs and outcomes.

Citrix Education solutions address strategic campus priorities

Managing complex, multi-campus environments under unified IT

Education IT is constantly being asked to do more with less—less budget, less people, less resources. Today, every education IT leader is being pulled in multiple directions trying to balance the needs of students, faculty and staff while leading business changing initiatives. As education IT leaders, you are no longer just the team keeping the lights on. You are guiding innovation, impacting business results and improving the learning experience for students and educators.

Provide anywhere, any device access to embrace next generation mobile learning

Citrix helps educators and schools reach students wherever they may be learning, on whatever device they use, including bring-your-own device (BYOD), to improve performance, satisfaction and graduation rates. Teachers get the solutions they need to build a more relevant and applied curriculum, and measurably improve the quality of learning and completion for students of all backgrounds. Students gain 24 x 7 access to apps like AutoCAD, SPSS and Photoshop and other resources, including online tools to collaborate and engage with their peers.

Attract and retain top students, educators and researchers at a time when application rates are low and tuitions are high

As business leaders, you know new technologies can transform educational institutions and empower students, teachers and staff to reach new levels of success. By providing the latest cloud, mobile and social tools, your institution becomes an innovation hub that students, researchers and educators want to be a part of. When students have access to resources and can learn anywhere, at any time and on any device without the constraints of campus location, library and lab hours, you enable an environment centered on student needs and foster collaboration among instructors, colleagues and parents.

Protect the privacy of students and secure research data while maintaining compliance and continuity

Citrix education IT solutions offer powerful opportunities for every member of the educational community—if you know how to make it work. That includes ensuring a consistent experience for students, teachers, researchers and staff wherever and however they work, whether they’re using aging technology or the latest tools. While you want accessible, always on resources for your department, full security is essential to protect student privacy, research data, and even financial information and health records.

Education institutions rely on Citrix to deliver a secure, accessible Mobile Workspace that empowers next generation learning.

What is a Mobile Workspace?

A mobile workspace is an always available, always connected, personalized environment that students, faculty and staff can take with them as they learn, work and study across devices, locations and networks.

The Citrix Mobile Workspace delivers this experience by securely uniting learning and productivity applications, desktops, files, and services into a single workspace that can be tailored to a student’s major or faculty’s department.

Students, professors, administrative staff and executives each have a single, instant point of access into every resource they require to have the best learning experience and improve education outcomes.

Desktop and app virtualization powered by XenDesktop and XenApp

Educational institutions can centralize the management and delivery of Windows apps as well as student and staff desktops, with a high-definition experience even for graphically intensive apps. Seamless roaming across locations, devices and networks ensures optimal convenience and productivity wherever students, teachers, researchers and administrators work—even off-campus. Apps and associated data remain in the datacenter, helping to support compliance, data protection and student privacy. IT can simplify operations while ensuring 24 x 7 access to resources, providing better service at a lower cost. 

Education mobility management powered by XenMobile

Students and staff can securely access mobile, web, SaaS and Windows apps and data on any mobile device through an app store with single sign-on. Educators, parents and IT can ensure that mobile devices in the classroom are being used appropriately. New students, visiting professors and substitute teachers can be provisioned and de-provisioned in moments.

Data sync and sharing powered by ShareFile

Files can be shared easily and securely among students, educators and researchers wherever they may be—even large images and videos, presentations and other bulky items. Secure storage and sync for files across all devices provide a convenient, efficient and user-friendly experience. 

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Secure application delivery and networking infrastructure powered by NetScaler

IT can optimize, secure and control the delivery of education apps, cloud services, virtual desktops and mobile services through a single management platform with granular policy controls, auditing, and reporting that help IT manage compliance, information governance and data protection. IT can consolidate MPLS, DSL and Internet links to ensure highly available application services across campus sites.

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