Create a workspace experience that's simple, secure, and easy to manage

Secure every endpoint with a unified endpoint management solution

IT security spending is reaching new records—and much of it is allocated to securing endpoints.1 Yet an astounding 7 in 10 data breaches still originate on user devices.2 Clearly, there’s a disconnect. Fact is, using multiple management platforms to handle different devices is not only costly and complex. It also creates a disjointed experience for employees—the kind that can lead to compromising workarounds and risky behaviors.

Having a unified endpoint management (UEM) solution at the core of your digital workspace can change all that. You’ll not only simplify device management, but provide an unmatched user experience, too.

Onboard endpoints with ease

Let users self-enroll, and lean on specialty setup programs—think Windows Auto-Pilot or Apple Device enrollment—to supervise devices during activation. Onboarding and maintaining endpoints is easy with Citrix Endpoint Management. You can deliver operating systems, roll out updates and secure the full array of endpoints—smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, thin-clients, and IoT devices—all without having to see or touch a single screen.

Protect against mobile threats

When employees regularly use two or more devices to access apps and data on different networks,3 the exposure to malware, malicious apps and ransomware threats is frighteningly real. You’re already locking down logins. But how do you protect corporate data without limiting access to the information users need to get work done? With Citrix Endpoint Management, the answer is easy—you’re able to provide easy access to apps on mobile devices with single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.

Enable seamless, secure collaboration

Let employees collaborate from anywhere, on any device, without putting corporate data in danger. With Citrix Endpoint Management and Citrix Content Collaboration, not even the poorest connections will slow workers down when they’re on the road or in transit. Users can share and access documents with automatically generated URLs, instead of oversized attachments that are far too cumbersome on mobile devices. All while IT sets policies to prevent access to files outside the secure container.

Stay ahead of high-risk activity

Security attacks are getting smarter—and IT should be, too. As the average cost of data breaches approaches $8.19 million,4 you can’t afford to leave endpoint security to chance. With Citrix Endpoint Management, you’ll always be several steps ahead. When used as part of the overall Citrix Workspace experience, device compliance and other critical information comes straight to you through Citrix Analytics. It’s all of the security insights you need to detect anomalies and prevent threats.

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