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Empowering health professionals with the right technology to improve patient care and help save lives.

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital (1:42)

Dr. Burke of Nicklaus Children's Hospital relies on Citrix and mobile devices to instantly access critical information, saving lives and diagnosing patients from anywhere. Visit to see more featured customer stories.


Driving efficiencies and innovation to stay on the leading edge of market competition.

Royal Bank of Scotland (3:59)

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), a leading global financial institution with headquarters in the United Kingdom, has invested in a global technology transformation program to create an innovative, flexible work environment powered by Citrix virtual computing. The transformation is leveraging collaboration and self-service IT to virtualize more than 65,000 desktops and 2,000 applications globally.


Advancing government priorities to build economic growth, broaden social inclusion, promote environmental sustainability, and drive good governance.

Defining the mobile government worker (2:59)

A new era of mobile workspaces and cloud computing offers enormous opportunities for agencies at all levels to cut costs, streamline IT management and services, boost worker productivity, and improve mission performance. Watch this video to see the technologies in action.


Transforming education IT challenges into new opportunities for learning.

University of Florida (2:27)

March 12, 2013: Intro video describing the UFApps Pilot Program.


Bringing products to the point of consumption faster, with no disruption in the supply chain.

Knightec (3:47)

Knightec customer success video based on XenDesktop with HDX 3D Pro.Knightec deployed XenDesktop to support high end professional graphics apps.

Mobile Workspaces

When people have a completely mobile workspace, they can work on their terms, not on technology’s terms.  Essentially, Citrix has freed us to focus on what matters most.

Rhaetian Railway

Citrix Synergy 2016

Get inspired by Citrix innovation—watch keynotes and technical sessions on demand