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Improving usability, manageability and flexibility of XenDesktop

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Citrix is proud to announce XenDesktop 7.7 with new features that enhance the end user experience, simplify infrastructure management, and increase the flexibility of monitoring tools. With XenDesktop 7.7, users will be delighted by the uncompromised voice and video quality delivered via hosted Skype for Business. MultiZone Management  reduces the complexity of deploying and managing XenDesktop across multiple locations and geographies. Plus, enhanced Director monitoring tools provide administrators more flexible and secure options including user experience monitoring and proactive notifications.

Simplified Enterprise Infrastructure and Management

Deploying and managing geographically dispersed XenApp and XenDesktop deployments can be challenging. The new MultiZone Management functionality allows an administrator to deploy a XenDesktop site that spans multiple locations, or zones, without the need to publish user resources for each location.  The updates to  infrastructure and management reduces the overall complexity without impacting flexibility.

Enhanced Director Monitoring

Administrators now have more flexibility when it comes to monitoring their XenApp and XenDesktop deployments. Application Limit monitoring, Desktop and Server OS usage reporting, Proactive Notification and Alerting and SCOM integration ensure that the administrator is notified of error conditions or excessive resource usage before they impact overall performance and availability  . More flexible and more secure authentication options address security needs such as smart card authentication, common in security-sensitive markets, such as healthcare and financial services.

Comprehensive functionality with hosted Skype for Business

The Citrix RealTime Optimization Pack 2.0, a result of close collaboration between Citrix and Microsoft, provides uncompromised voice and video quality. The fully native user experience for a broad range of devices and operating systems uses maximum VDI/RDS server scalability when the Skype for Business client is hosted on XenDesktop.

Accelerate adoption of latest Microsoft platforms

Improvements to Provisioning Services (PVS) and Machine Creation Services (MCS) technology—such as PVS support for Windows 10, PVS support for Scale Out File Servers and Provisioning to Azure with MCS—allow customers to enjoy the latest Microsoft Server, Desktop and Cloud platforms.

Improved Application Management and Availability

Improvements to functionality such as AppLimits, Multiple Reboot Warnings and Workspace Control increase Application Availability. AppLimits allows an Administrator to limit the number of simultaneous instances of resource-intensive applications, maintaining server performance and preventing deterioration in service. Multiple Reboot Warnings alert the administrator that users have been notified of impending reboots and changes to Workspace Control. The administrator can override default session roaming behavior to ensure that a session does not roam when roaming would be detrimental to the user experience.

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