XenApp and XenDesktop 7.13 Features

Please refer to the tables below to learn which features are available with your XenApp or XenDesktop licenses based on edition. For additional information about XenApp vs. XenDesktop editions or features by product version, please see the XenApp and XenDesktop Licensing FAQ.

  XenApp Secure Browser XenApp Advanced
XenApp Enterprise XenApp Platinum XenDesktop VDI XenDesktop Enterprise XenDesktop Platinum
XenApp published apps (Server-based hosted apps) can be deployed on 5 generations of Windows operating systems, enabling secure access to Windows apps on any type of device including iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices for on-demand access from anywhere, lets users focus on work.    
XenApp published web and SaaS apps enables IT to select the best web browser for each web or SaaS app and securely deliver that app within that ideal browser to all users on any device, running any web browser.  
XenApp published desktops are low-cost, locked-down virtual desktops that provide the flexibility and mobility benefits of desktop virtualization while maximizing IT control through enhanced security and simplified management.    
VDI enables IT to deliver virtual desktops from the datacenter in a pooled or personalized fashion to meet the of even your most-demanding users.        
VDI with Personal vDisk pairs the maximum user personalization benefits of VDI with the storage optimizations and administrative efficiencies of single image management to deliver a desktop virtualization solution that meets the needs of both users and IT admins.        
Server VDI enables enterprises and service providers the ability to deliver to an individual user a single session, server-based virtual desktop from the cloud.          
Hosted physical desktops enable high performance remote access to physical desktops securely protected in the datacenter for optimal data protection, especially beneficial for graphically intensive applications that run best on a native OS that has direct access to the physical desktop hardware.          
Remote PC Access (with Wake On LAN) instantly delivers desktop virtualization benefits without the need to migrate desktops to the datacenter by providing users with a secure, high-definition, direct connection to their office PCs.          
Linux Published Applications
XenApp and XenDesktop architecture supports seamless, integrated Linux applications from RHEL, SUSE, Ubuntu and CentOS Linux to any device with Citrix Receiver.

Linux Hosted Shared Virtual Desktops
XenApp and XenDesktop architecture supports Hosted Shared RHEL, SUSE, Ubuntu and CentOS Linux Virtual Desktops.
Linux Dedicated VDI Desktops
XenDesktop architecture supports RHEL, SUSE, Ubuntu and CentOS Linux Dedicated VDI Desktops.

DesktopPlayer (Add-on*) extends the benefits of XenDesktop to Windows laptop and MacBook users, enabling them to run virtual desktops on a laptop whether they are online or offline. Employees gain freedom while IT gains control by centrally managing Windows virtual desktops deployed to corporate and BYO laptops.

*Add-on purchase required

VM hosted apps ease Windows OS transitions and overcome application compatibility challenges by delivering virtual apps from a desktop operating system.      

Enhanced security through centralization and access control

  XenApp Secure Browser XenApp Advanced
XenApp Enterprise XenApp Platinum XenDesktop VDI
XenDesktop Enterprise
XenDesktop Platinum
FIPS compliant, helping IT administrators simplify security compliance and data protection by adhering to strict security compliance.  

Common Criteria certified, used by 25 countries worldwide, with many more countries following the standards unofficially, XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 Platinum edition was the first app and desktop virtualization solution to have achieved such worldwide security recognition.

* Additional details available at http://www.commoncriteriaportal.org/products/

Centrally secured apps are protected in the datacenter and securely delivered on-demand to any user anywhere making it easy to keep sensitive information safe based on an inherently secure architecture.  
Centrally secured desktops are protected in the datacenter and securely delivered on-demand to any user anywhere making it easy to keep sensitive information safe based on an inherently secure architecture.  
High security with XenApp and XenDesktop enables secure access from anywhere without exposing the corporate network.  All mission-critical data remains protected in the datacenter unless it can be audited, controlled and enforced by policy.  Only screen updates, mouse clicks and keystrokes—not data—traverse the remote connection keeping application data safe from hackers and protecting the corporate network from unmanaged devices.
2-factor authentication support enhances secure access from anywhere through integrated solutions including RSA SecureID, Smart Card, RADIUS server, and Aladdin SafeWord for Citrix.
Federated Authentication Service integrates with StoreFront and SAML-based identity providers via NetScaler to deliver secure, single sign-on to apps and desktops while also simplifying account management of contractors, partners and employees who utilize XenApp and XenDesktop for B2B integration.
Accelerated Logon for Smart Card Users 
is key when time is of the essence for healthcare workers who need fast access to patient information. XenApp and XenDesktop expedites the user logon process for healthcare workers who depend on Smart Card identification for access to the virtual applications and desktops that provide patient healthcare information.
Application Limits enable IT to limit the number of connections to a specific application to ensure application license compliance as well as restrict the number of resource-intensive applications that can run simultaneously to preserve environment performance.    
ICAProxy provides secure access to virtual Windows apps and desktops published on XenApp and XenDesktop while keeping apps, desktops and data safely protected within the datacenter without requiring a VPN.

SmartAccess™ fine-grained context-based policy engine employs smart access policy management to balance the needs of varying use case scenarios by granting or denying individual tasks, such as printing, copy/paste or mapping drives, at a granular scenario-specific level. Provided with NetScaler Gateway Universal License included in Platinum.

NetScaler Gateway appliance, priced separately.


SSL VPN provides secure remote access control from any device to all the corporate resources located on the internal network. Provided with NetScaler Gateway Universal License included in Platinum.

NetScaler Gateway appliance, priced separately.

Intelligent session recording
technology enhances monitoring, accelerates issue resolution, and simplifies compliance by providing a time-stamped visual record of individual application and desktop sessions. Areas of inactivity are highlighted during playback allowing quick pinpointing of relevent user activity. Administrative auditing tracks changes to recording policies, recording downloads and unauthorized access attempts to recordings.

ShareFile integration with virtual apps and desktops for optimized on-demand, on or off-premises data sharing and sync service meeting the mobility and collaboration needs of users and the data security requirements of the enterprise.

ShareFile priced separately.

Increase employee productivity with high performance anywhere access

  XenApp Secure Browser XenApp Advanced
XenApp Enterprise XenApp Platinum XenDesktop VDI XenDesktop Enterprise XenDesktop Platinum
HDX™ user experience optimization delivers a superior high-definition user experience on any device, over any network. With Citrix HDX, the virtual experience rivals a local PC, even when using multimedia, real-time voice and video collaboration, USB peripherals (like smart cards and drawing/signature tablets) and 3D graphics. Virtual Windows apps become mobile device aware and optimized to support touch gestures and other native mobile device features. Integrated WAN optimization capabilities boost network efficiency and performance even over challenging, high-latency networks.
HDX Virtual Display Technologies
provide unique acceleration technologies that overcome challenging network conditions in the office and abroad to deliver a better-than-native user experience for virtual apps and desktops.
HDX 3D Pro™ brings app and desktop virtualization to remote office employees, 3rd party contractors, and even mobile tablet that depend on graphically intense 3D applications.  Providing enhanced security to intellectual property while promoting better collaboration and real-time editing in the field. Best of all, the enormous data files required to generate complex designs all remain safe in the datacenter keeping all users in sync without complex and costly data synchronization.
Unified Communications optimization seamlessly integrates solutions from Cisco, Avaya, and Vidyo to deliver real time communication applications with “local PC” quality without having to increase bandwidth investments with built-in optimized point to point transfer of voice and video traffic.  
Optimized Skype for Business delivery is the result of close collaboration between Citrix and Microsoft. The HDX RealTime Optimization Pack optimizes the delivery of voice, video and collaboration features of Skype for Business, Microsoft Lync, and Office 365 when hosted on XenApp or XenDesktop. This ensures employees have the full native client experience within virtualized apps and desktops from any device.
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HTML5 video redirection for internally controlled sites enables the offload of rich media content to the endpoint for the best possible experience and maximum server scalability.
Citrix X1 Mouse delivers the complete Windows experience to Apple iPad and iPhone devices by enabling physical mouse precision needed for Windows apps and desktops accessed via Citrix Receiver, delivering the best user experience on every device.
HDX™ Mobile optimizes Windows apps for mobile devices including multi-touch- and gesture-enabled smartphones and tablets while enhancing performance over mobile networks by intelligently coping with the variability and packet loss of mobile networks and supporting the decompression of graphics and multimedia with hardware acceleration on tablets and smartphones.        
HDX Seamless local apps blend a locally installed application on the Windows endpoint into a virtual desktop, providing a seamless user experience.          
HDX User Experience Templates
HDX policy templates make it easy for admins to fine-tune the user experience based on specific use case requirements such as security and control, graphics performance, and environment scalability. 
XenServer virtual GPU sharing enables multiple users to share a single GPU without compromising the graphics experience for cost-effective, high-definition performance.  Only XenServer allows NVIDIA and Intel Iris Pro drivers to be loaded directly into the hypervisor to ensure proper management of graphical application performance in a virtual app and desktop scenario.
Pre-launch technology creates a local-like app launch experience by expediting the session creation process.  With pre-launch, a session waits for the user in an active or disconnected state, enabling quick, instant-on app access to an already active app session making for a fast and local-like app launch experience.  Pre-launch configurations have been improved on the FMA platform, making it simple to configure from the Citrix Studio management console.  
Session linger keeps the user session open after the user closes the app, to provide a quick app reconnect or enable the user to open a new app without repeating the logon process. Admin-configurable time-based policy automatically releases a license consumed by a pre-launched and lingering session to improve license management.  
Anonymous Logon (unauthenticated user) enables instant, unauthenticated access to a single app while access to other, more personalized apps such as email remains authenticated.  
WAN optimized XenApp and XenDesktop delivers a superior user experience even over low-bandwidth, high latency connections. Citrix HDX technology can intelligently detect bandwidth capacity and dynamically transform communication on the fly. 
 NetScaler SD-WAN (formerly CloudBridge) for WAN optimization significantly improves capacity and performance over the WAN while providing a unified platform that accelerates applications across public and private networks, resulting in superior application performance and end user experience.            
NetScaler SD-WAN plug-in software-based, network accelerator client that runs on Windows laptops and workstations anywhere offering accelerated app performance from anywhere, not just offices with NetScaler SD-WAN appliances.          
Workspace Environment Management delivers a patent pending software solution that cuts the cost of desktop and application virtualization and delivers the best possible workspace performance by accelerating desktop logon and application response times for any Microsoft Windows-based environment.

*Included only with Customer Success Services (previously software maintenance).

Simplify support and enable choice of BYO device

  XenApp Secure Browser XenApp Advanced XenApp Enterprise
XenApp Platinum XenDesktop VDI XenDesktop Enterprise
XenDesktop Platinum
Any device access empowers employees to choose the devices that are right for them and their work style with a universal client that works natively on the broadest range of desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones to ensure device investment protection without added work for IT.
Enterprise app store powered by StoreFront empowers users with self-service selection of their authorized apps and desktops, delivering a consistent experience across different devices and networks, and quickly reconnecting users for speed and convenience. StoreFront enables customized branding of the enterprise app store and extends the modernization of Citrix Receiver to HTML5 and Chrome.
Self-service password reset within StoreFront empowers employees to set new passwords, unlock their account, and reset their password via security questions without ever calling the helpdesk thereby reducing the number of helpdesk calls by up to 40%          
Clientless HTML5 Receiver offers a clientless access solution, making it easy to access virtual apps and desktops from any device including devices that are unable to install a physical client.
Universal printing services mitigates the administrative burden associated with the management of hundreds or thousands of network and local printer drivers through centralized, universal printing services and further optimizes printing performance across local, mobile, and remote connections.

Support for 16-, 32-, and 64-bit apps across Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, 2012 and 2008 R2 as well as Windows 10, 8, and 7.

*Some legacy 16-bit and 32-bit apps may require the VM Hosted Apps feature or VDI to be delivered from Windows 7 32-bit OSes.


Reduce cost and complexity of app and desktop management

Yes to on-time deliveries

Aramex couriers rely on around-the-clock access to business apps and data when they’re on the road transporting goods and making deliveries.

Aramex is a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation services based in Dubai that offers freight options by land, air, and sea. With a large workforce of 13,900 employees in 60 countries, Aramex wanted to make sure that its couriers and staff had reliable, secure access to core business apps, no matter where they are.

Because the logistics industry is highly dependent on accuracy and can’t afford downtime, Aramex chose Citrix networking solutions to ensure top performance and reliability while protecting sensitive customer information.

See how NetScaler can help you say yes

  XenApp Secure Browser
XenApp Advanced
XenApp Enterprise XenApp Platinum
XenDesktop VDI XenDesktop Enterprise
XenDesktop Platinum  
Simple to deploy world-class app and desktop virtualization solutions, XenApp and XenDesktop provides a unified management console, Studio, to dramatically simplify and automate large scale deployments, including multi-tenant, multi-zone and hybrid-cloud implementations.

Simplify operations with powerful monitoring and advanced analytics in Citrix Director. Director reports, trend analysis, and alerts can be customized and configured within the Citrix Director console. Citrix Director also delivers a unique and powerful role-based access that enables IT helpdesk and escalation teams to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues making it easier for IT to meet stringent SLAs.

*All editions include 7 days of historical reporting. Enterprise is 1 month and Platinum 1 year.

Director Platinum Edition gives administrators more flexibility when it comes to monitoring and managing their deployment including up to a year’s worth of performance data that provides a comprehensive view of capacity trends, the ability to create customized reports, SCOM alerts, desktop and server OS usage reporting, proactive notification and alerting including SNMP integration, reboot warnings, Octoblu and NetScaler MAS integration and override control over roaming sessions ensure that IT is in complete control of their delivery solution for optimal performance and availability.          
End-to-end environment visibility. The Citrix SCOM Management Bundle for XenApp and XenDesktop includes SCOM management packs to monitor key infrastructure components for health, availability and usage.          
Custom delegated administration (Studio) gives large IT departments the ability to define the scope and role of administrative functions for compliance and control.      
Configuration logging (Studio) enables IT to monitor and track granular configuration changes to their app & desktop delivery infrastructure.      
User experience network analysis provides user experience data supplied by NetScaler HDX Insight integrated into the Director console to correlate user performance and identify when network issues are disrupting performance. NetScaler purchased separately.          
Robust high-availability ensures that users can connect to resources should the site database link go down. Local Host Cache Technology maintains a copy of the necessary data on each controller to allow both new and existing connections to apps and desktops.
Application compatibility and migration with AppDNA enables enterprises to confidently discover, automate, model and manage applications for faster application deployment, easier application virtualization, predictive application migration and streamlined application management. AppDNA accelerates app migration to the latest Windows releases, reducing the cost and complexity of app upgrades, migrations and updates by as much as 90 percent.          
Application layering with AppDisk simplifies app management by enabling admins to install and update apps without altering a centralized, master operating system image, saving administrative time, testing time and reducing the shared storage costs.  
Hybrid cloud provisioning assures XenApp and XenDesktop may be deployed on popular Cloud management platforms including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). From the Studio console, admins can assign workloads to traditional virtual infrastructure including Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix Acropolis and VMware vSphere in the datacenter or provision apps and desktops from public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services making it easy for IT to meet their most demanding SLAs.      
Microsoft Azure integration for XenApp and XenDesktop hybrid cloud provisioning enables IT to dynamically provision (MCS) app and desktop workloads from the Microsoft Azure Cloud.    
Amazon Web Services integration for XenApp and XenDesktop hybrid cloud provisioning enables IT to dynamically provision app and desktop workloads from Amazon Web Services.    
Automated app and desktop thin provisioning simplifies management of small and large deployments by centralizing image management while reducing the cost and complexity of shared storage. I/O optimizations ensure the best possible performance and scalability by intelligently leveraging RAM and temporary disk storage.  
Central image management for streaming XenApp workloads (Provisioning Services) simplifies management of small and large deployments of physical or virtual XenApp servers to support any type of use case while reducing the cost, complexity and amount of required shared storage. Provisioning services deliver unprecedented storage performance—as much as a 20X improvement in read/write speeds—overall simplifying the ability to patch and update physical and virtual servers with fast rollout and fast rollback functionality.     Available for VMHosted applications instances running on a desktop operating system only.  

Central image management of virtual desktops (Provisioning Services) simplifies management of small and large deployments of virtual and physical desktops to support any type of use case while reducing the cost, complexity and amount of required shared storage. Provisioning services deliver unprecedented storage performance—as much as a 20X improvement in read/write speeds—overall simplifying the ability to patch and update virtual desktops with fast rollout and fast rollback functionality.

*Physical desktop support not available with the XenDesktop VDI Edition

Automated virtual machine provisioning (Machine Creation Services) assists with the management of small and large deployments of virtual machines, both XenApp servers and VDI desktops, to support any type of use case.
Microsoft App-V integration enables admins to distribute App-V applications to virtual desktops or XenApp servers via Studio without requiring separate App-V server and database infrastructure, simplifying administrative processes and eliminating additional infrastructure costs.    
Integrated profile management (User Profile Manager) intelligently manages user profile settings between active XenApp and XenDesktop sessions to ensure user settings are consistent.  It intelligently streams profile settings and data on-demand to ensure no matter the profile size, the profile performance is optimized and the user login and logoff processes expedited.
Enterprise scalability of XenApp and XenDesktop simplifies the rapid provisioning, patching, and updating of 1,000s of apps and desktops to 100,000 users anywhere at any time, making it easier for IT to meet the demands of a growing workforce within a limited budget.
Open architecture permits virtual apps and desktops to be deployed on any hypervisor including Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix Acropolis and VMware vSphere, cloud management platform, or storage infrastructure to give IT the freedom and flexibility needed to control costs, without impacting the user experience or performance.  
Microsoft Hyper-V integration offers easy integration with your existing Hyper-V virtualization solution through System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) and the flexibility to expand or change your infrastructure at any time.

XenServer Hypervisor is included for free with all XenApp and XenDesktop editions media kit creating a highly scalable, manageable and agile virtualization infrastructure.

For more information on XenServer features, refer to the XenServer feature matrix.

VMware vSphere integration offers easy integration with your existing vSphere virtualization solution and the flexibility to expand or change your infrastructure at any time.
Nutanix Acropolis integration within Citrix Studio offers built-in virtualization for a turnkey hyperconverged infrastructure solution that simplifies deployment and reduces infrastructure costs.
Microsoft System Center integration makes it easy to manage pooled desktop and server images from System Center while leveraging policy enforcement and report processes and tools provided in SCCM.    
Citrix Connector for System Center Configuration Manager provides administrators with an end-to-end solution for managing Citrix Delivery Sites and published applications from within the Configuration Manager Console.          
NetScaler load-balancing (optional) actively monitors services and web traffic to intelligently load balance users across XenApp and XenDesktop infrastructure to assure optimal uptime and consistent user access even during planned, unplanned, or scheduled maintenance window.

Citrix Smart Tools
A collection of easily consumable services that empower Citrix Administrators to deliver secure, optimized and high performing XenApp and XenDesktop sites, on-premises or in the cloud. All packages entitled to Smart Build, Smart Migrate and Smart Check.

*Included only with Customer Success Services (previously software maintenance).

Citrix Smart Tools: Smart Scale
Keeps the costs of public-cloud deployments under control by powering servers on and off based on usage, load, and peak times.

*Included only with Customer Success Services (previously software maintenance).