Simplify your zero trust journey with an enterprise browser

Protect the one app used to access every other app—the browser

Accelerate your zero trust strategy with an enterprise browser. With Citrix Enterprise Browser, you can help users stay productive while mitigating insider and external threats. Ensure access to all browser-based applications is identity and context-aware.

Deliver secure access to applications

Protect access on a per-app, per URL basis, without the need for a VPN.

Leverage comprehensive context prior to granting app access

More metrics from more sources allows you to assign the exact level of trust required from each user and device. You can gather granular endpoint data, validate user identities through native or third-party MFA solutions prior to granting app access, and even protect passwords with anti-keylogging and anti-screen scraping capabilities. This app protection helps prevent accidental screen sharing and defends against social engineering.

Enforce granular controls for true “just enough” access

Precise access restrictions let you block insider and external threats for all browser-based apps. Prevent data loss with restrictions on printing, uploads, and downloads, as well as cut, paste, and copy clipboard features. You can also use watermarks for enforcement and direct apps to open in isolated browsers to block malware.

Protect access to all browser-based apps

Consolidate how secure access is delivered to any work app, whether internal or SaaS. 

Add an additional layer of security

Bolster conventional secure web gateway, cloud access security broker, and endpoint security solutions with enterprise browser security. This method is fast becoming a vital component for protecting against malware and other downloadable threats. And with the web filtering feature, you can have each individual hyperlink evaluated for risk and redirection.

Provide a consistent experience across apps

Provide a familiar experience that acts and looks like any other browser. Users can download the enterprise-grade browser to any corporate or personal device and get full support for microphones and web cams, progressive web apps, bookmarks, dark modes, tabs, and windows. With the Citrix Enterprise Browser, an admin can configure single sign-on to all internal web and SaaS applications in a matter of minutes.

Protect all users—employees and contractors

Reduce your attack surface by protecting all endpoints, from personal devices used by contractors to BYOD used by remote employees. 

Provide a simple download for any Windows or Mac device

With Citrix Enterprise Browser, you can add cybersecurity without the need for operational IT overhead. Easily push or suggest downloading it on any corporate-managed or personal device. Then enforce it as the preferred browser or, for greater BYOD flexibility, let people use it specifically to open links for work.

Enforce context-aware security policies

Deliver restricted application access depending on who’s requesting access, where they’re located, and what devices they’re using. Citrix Enterprise Browser makes it easy to mitigate data loss from insiders who attempt ‘raw’ methods like pasting data into personal email accounts or taking pictures of sensitive corporate data on personal mobile phones.

Enable another layer of security with remote browser isolation

Citrix Remote Browser Isolation service isolates high-risk web browsing traffic by running it outside your company’s network on a remote, one-time browser session on public cloud infrastructure. This remote browser isolation (RBI) functionality can be used together with Citrix Enterprise Browser for maximum security for web and SaaS apps.

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