Remote browser isolation – without limiting access

Keep your data safe from browser-based attacks

When it comes to security, the internet is among your biggest enemies. Which is a problem, since employees need the web to stay productive. That’s what Citrix Remote Browser Isolation (formerly Citrix Secure Browser) is for. This cloud-hosted browser lets you thoroughly protect your network—without complicating the experience for users.

Go ahead—let employees browse away. We’ll isolate that traffic and keep your network protected.

Even if someone lands on a compromised site, your devices and data stay safe.

Secure access

Protect against web-borne attacks

Isolate browsing in the cloud and away from your network to protect against the dangers of the web.

Simple management

Deploy in minutes

Reduce the risk of an attack with a simple cloud-based service—no device agent or patches required.

Superior experience

Help people stay productive

Let users navigate the internet freely with secure VPN-less access to browser-based apps.

Full flexibility

Deliver to any device

Use policy controls to enable secure browsing for any user, on any connection, and keep malicious malware off your network.

Teams have more freedom. You get greater control.

Keep web-based attacks at bay without limiting your employees

Citrix Remote Browser Isolation is completely separate from your network. That means browsing is 100% isolated and each session is destroyed after use. So even as you expand employee options for working on-the-go, your corporate resources remain safe. It’s one of the many ways Citrix helps you future-proof your business with a secure digital workspace.

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Choose the plan that’s right for your business

Whatever your needs are, our pricing options have you covered.


$4 USD
*Per user, per month

Citrix Remote Browser Isolation, as a fully-hosted Citrix cloud service, gives employees consistent, secure remote access to the internet and web apps while protecting the corporate network from browser-based attacks.

Includes 5,000 hours of pooled consumption across user licenses. Easily purchase more hours as needed from Citrix or the Azure Marketplace.

Citrix Secure Private Access Advanced

$7 USD
*Per user, per month

Intelligently apply watermarking, clipboard access, download restrictions, site navigation controls, and more with adaptive access based on user location, device posture, and risk scores. Includes advanced multi-factor authentication natively with Citrix cloud for all non-virtual applications, as well as ZTNA access to TCP and UDP-based apps.

*USD MSRP monthly average per user for 500 users with a 1-year subscription. Actual pricing may vary. 

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