How Citrix and Nutanix help boost Delaware Valley Community Health’s IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure at Healthcare organizations is a key component aiding in seamless operations and enhanced patient care. When Delaware Valley Community Health faced a few challenges, it turned towards Citrix and Nutanix to deal with the existing gaps and supercharge its IT infrastructure for the future. During this webinar, hear this story as the customer walks us through how they navigated through the hurdles in Healthcare IT and deployed solutions that worked for them.

What will you learn from this Fireside Chat?

  • Future technology trends in Healthcare IT and how to prep your IT infrastructure
  • How can patients and staff benefit from a combination of Citrix and Nutanix technologies
  • How to achieve better productivity and enhanced IT security using technology


Isaiah Nathanial
Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Delaware Valley Community Health

Allen Furmanski
Lead Architect and Content Strategist

Jarian Gibson
Staff Solutions Architect

Every tenth attendee (US and Canada only) will receive an Amazon Echo Dot.