What you can do with Citrix Cloud

Regardless of where you are in your journey to the cloud, Citrix Cloud has services that meet you at each stage of your digital transformation.  

Deliver everything people need to get work done from one place, integrating virtual apps, VDI, mobility management, file sync, and networking.

Deliver complete virtual workspaces

  • Get all the value of Citrix Workspace Suite as hybrid cloud services.
  • Choose any infrastructure or cloud, and manage it all from one place. 

Deliver cloud-first virtual workspaces

  • Deliver complete virtual workspaces on any cloud infrastructure.
  • A single management console reduces complexity and speeds up time-to-value.

Shift to cloud at your pace. Whether you are pursuing a private, public, hybrid, or multi-cloud strategy, you have the flexibility to deploy across any infrastructure.

Shift on-premises virtual desktops to cloud

  • Shift desktop infrastructure to the cloud using any public or private cloud.
  • Simultaneously and securely manage virtual desktop resources across on-premises and cloud locations.

Simple Cloud Desktops

  • Operate virtual desktop environments on any cloud.
  • Deploy a cloud-based virtual desktop environment in hours, free of capital expense.

A Citrix Cloud approach to virtual workspaces can help you do more with less by centralizing IT management, streamlining upgrades, and reducing capital infrastructure.

Simplify on-premises deployments with blueprints

  • Automate deployments, upgrades, and capacity scaling with best-practice blueprints.
  • Cloud-based tools speed up the design and management of your workloads and enterprise apps.

Publish virtual or web apps quickly and securely

  • Deliver secure access to web and SaaS apps through a virtual browser— eliminating the need for a full virtualization platform or VPN solution.
  • Provide secure access on any endpoint, over any network, keeping you a step ahead of security breaches.

Rapid pilots without capital investment

  • Pilot your workspace configurations in a cloud environment while avoiding costly infrastructure
  • Maintain that configuration, or duplicate it in the production location of your choice.

Easily manage deployments dispersed across data centers, clouds, and geographies while you create more reliable business continuity plans.

Deploy across multiple clouds or data centers

  • Manage existing data centers plus private and public clouds through one solution.
  • Simplify consolidation efforts, and comply with local data sovereignty needs.

Business continuity

  • Define any location—and even public clouds—as primary and backup.
  • Citrix Cloud works alongside your existing data replication system, speeding the process of shifting to a recovery location.
I can deliver a desktop quickly and efficiently with Citrix Cloud. I don’t have to buy hardware. I don't have to buy computers. All end users need is a mobile device, and they can get a full desktop experience using the Citrix Cloud.
Craig Patterson
Acting IT Director
Lucas Metropolitian Housing Authority

Citrix Cloud services starting at US $135/year