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Predictive and prescriptive insights spanning the Citrix portfolio

Citrix Analytics collects data across Citrix offerings and generates actionable insights, enabling administrators to proactively handle user and application security threats, improve app performance, and support continuous operations.

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Citrix Analytics applies machine learning to data that spans network traffic, users, files, and endpoints to identify and act on malicious user behavior and app performance anomalies. Delivered as a Citrix Cloud service, straightforward visual dashboards present findings that are easy to understand.

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Ransomware occurs when a user’s device or account is compromised and the bad actor deletes files and replaces them with encrypted versions. For a fee, the bad actor will unlock the files for the user. Citrix Analytics leverages Citrix Content Collaboration to detect unusual file deletions and other indicators of an attack, and then can act to prevent it. For example, a malicious user might be put in quarantine or logged off the system.

In conjunction with Citrix Access Control, Citrix administrators are alerted to users who put the business in jeopardy by accessing risky or blacklisted URLs. Risk indicators bump the user risk profile to a higher threat category. Proactive actions can then be taken by the system to log the user off the system or otherwise halt the non-compliant behavior.

Over the next twelve months, enterprises see data analytics, visual dashboards, predictive and prescriptive analytics as key investments delivering business value.
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