Plan a successful rollout to get the full value of Citrix Workspace

Use these resources to manage change and plan a successful rollout

Once you’ve established your team of champions, it’s time to plan your journey to successful adoption. Tailor these resources as you plan, spread the word, and get people excited for Citrix Workspace.

Champion guide
This guide is designed to equip you with the tools you need to successfully create awareness, promote, roll out, and encourage adoption of Citrix Workspace within your organization.

Download your champion guide

Sample timeline
Recommended steps in planning for and distributing communications to your end-users.

Sample timeline guide

Download sample timeline

Sample emails
When it comes to any kind of change, you can never over-communicate. We drafted six sample emails designed to inform end-users about the benefits they’ll get with Citrix Workspace. We recommend you start sending the emails at least six weeks before your launch. You can use the sample timeline to help with scheduling and implementation.

Download and customize your emails

Facility flyers
Print and post flyers in common areas to raise awareness and educate about Citrix Workspace.



End user survey
Show users their feedback is important and keep them engaged in the adoption process with this end user survey.

Word Doc


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