Understanding your Citrix Workspace entitlement

An introduction to Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service)

As a Citrix Workspace customer, your entitlement is built on industry-leading digital workspace products such as Citrix DaaS. For over 30 years, this proven virtual client computing solution has helped thousands of administrators to do their jobs better. And now that you’re migrating the management of your virtual apps and desktops into the cloud, you get even more capabilities that help you save time, cut costs, and empower your users.

With this powerful solution, you can:

Enable a superior, high-performance user experience by delivering virtual applications and desktops to any device.

Enhance security and reduce risk by centralizing sensitive, mission-critical business applications and data in the cloud or data center behind a robust, context-aware policy engine.

Gain the flexibility to deliver apps and desktops hosted on any public cloud and/or any on-premises hypervisor to empower choice.

Migrate to the cloud at a pace you’re comfortable with

Citrix customers have a wide range of options for delivering virtual apps and desktops, from fully on-prem workloads, to global hybrid cloud deployments, or even fully managed desktops as a service (DaaS). Your Citrix DaaS entitlement enables all three, giving you maximum flexibility for your deployment.

Meet the diverse needs of your business and employees while simplifying IT

With Citrix DaaS, you can deliver on a variety of use cases, including:

  • Supporting flexible work with ease

    Avoid business disruptions by deploying apps and desktops from the datacenter or cloud, giving users fast anywhere-access to corporate resources

  • Saving time and money with desktop as a service (DaaS)

    Streamline management and reduce costs by quickly deploying apps and desktops from the cloud

  • Empowering temporary employees with desktops on demand

    Meet the needs of every worker, in every season and business transition by quickly enabling access to vital apps and desktops, all while keeping vital data secure

  • Providing employees with a high-definition experience on any device

    Citrix HDX technologies help enhance collaboration and productivity by delivering crystal-clear app, voice and video performance on any device, even when working thousands of miles from the office

Streamlining your migration to the cloud

Create the hybrid multi-cloud environment that works best for your business by making use of existing datacenter investments while modernizing IT

Delivering Linux VDI from any device

Make your remote users as productive as possible by enabling access to mission-critical Linux apps on any device

Keeping resources safe with secure remote access

Secure your distributed environment by implementing zero-trust and contextual access policies while providing single sign-on access for users

Free your employees to work where and how they want

Now you can spin up virtual desktops in minutes. Or deliver any app or workload to any employee over any device. Citrix DaaS gives you all the tools you need to unleash user productivity. Best of all, as the foundation of Citrix Workspace, you can enable everyone to access the vital apps, resources and intelligence they need to do their jobs—from anywhere, without any distractions.

Power a smarter, more flexible way to work

As thousands of organizations already know, Citrix DaaS is the proven solution for enabling a high-definition user experience on any device. And as a core component of Citrix Workspace, that’s just the beginning of what you can deliver to unlock their potential and give them the tools to thrive.

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