Migrating from a traditional VPN to a VPN-Less Solution with Citrix

Imagine a workspace that doesn’t rely on VPNs with all their complexities and management difficulties—a workspace that allows for uninterrupted remote workforce productivity no matter what happens to the VPN.

Citrix makes it happen.

Download our free white paper and discover how Citrix helps continuity thrive in a cloud-based VPN-less environment, yet still allows for full remote access to:

  • All intranets and the web
  • SaaS
  • Mobile
  • Virtual applications
  • Physical PCs

You’ll also learn how to migrate to a VPN-less solution through a parallel and phased approach that allows you to onboard users and apps without modifying your existing infrastructure.

With Citrix, build more flexibility into the fabric of your organization while creating a secure, consistent, and fulfilling employee experience.