A zero trust model: continuous security for remote digital technology users

An installment of Remote Works: A Citrix Virtual Series examining the best-practices, lessons learned, and realities of a remote work world

In these trying times of catastrophic business disruptions, IT teams around the world have heroically implemented remote access for millions of displaced employees. But the rules of engagement continue to change as workers’ personal and corporate devices intermingle, introducing an exponentially larger attack surface. Have you developed a long-term strategy for secure remote access?

Using a zero trust approach to deploy a secure digital workspace mitigates risk, providing access policies for the time of authentication and continuing protection while the user is working. Security remains in place across all types of applications in the cloud, on premises, or delivered through SaaS.

Join this webinar as Akhilesh Dhawan, Director, Product Marketing and Florin Lazurca, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, Secuirty, of Citrix, discuss:

  • Why fine tuning with security must be part of any savvy long-term strategy
  • How to implement a single, secure point of access for corporate resources
  • Why VPN solutions may not be the best answer for your workers or your enterprise
  • How Citrix defines “zero trust” and why it’s critical for remote working and BYOD scenarios

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Akhilesh Dhawan
Director, Product Marketing

Florin Lazurca
Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, Secuirty