Unlock your cloud transformation with the Citrix DaaS and Microsoft Azure

As organizations everywhere look to embrace hybrid work models, many face new requirements that necessitate a reorientation in how they approach their business and IT operations. Citrix and Microsoft believe that hybrid work is the future of work, combining remote and on-site working.

Extending upon the Citrix Launchpad Series announcements, we’ll unveil the latest innovations with Citrix DaaS solutions for Microsoft Azure to help reduce complexity and increase flexibility and control as organizations shift to hybrid environments and the cloud.

You’ll also learn about our new Citrix cloud migration tools supporting Azure, app delivery, and security. Plus, Citrix understands TCO and ROI are imperative measures for IT leaders.

You’ll hear about the Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study featuring Citrix DaaS solutions with Azure and how it has helped our customers achieve 153% ROI when transitioning to cloud.  


Allen Furmanski
Principal Product Marketing Manager, Virtual
Apps and Desktops