Extend the life of aging devices with secure desktop as a service solutions

Citrix DaaS and ChromeOS Flex turn aging PCs, Macs, and thin clients in modern, secure, and high-performance devices, ideal for hybrid work. ChromeOS Flex is a Citrix Ready validated solution for Citrix DaaS and it’s free to use.

Modernize your hybrid experience across all ChromeOS devices—both Chromebooks and converted ChromeOS Flex devices—with Citrix DaaS, providing seamless access to all apps, desktops, and data through the most secure OS, hardening existing devices for a longer lifespan.

  • Improve employee productivity one-click access to apps and desktops from any ChromeOS device.
  • Protect IP and data with a natively secure OS, multi-layered security policies, and unified IT management.
  • Dramatically reduce hardware expenses and TCO while improving your sustainability footprint