Enabling a Productive Remote Workspace with NVIDIA and Citrix HDX

Deliver Accelerated 3D Visualization for the Anywhere Workspace

Today’s organizations with remote workforces demand more flexible infrastructure and greater user experience to ensure maximum productivity. This is especially true for supporting power users who need to use compute-intensive 3D visualization applications. Join this webinar to learn how the latest Citrix HDX graphics stack and NVIDIA virtual GPU solutions jointly provide unmatched graphics acceleration, enabling designers, engineers, and graphics artists to take on the biggest visualization challenges while also driving down costs.

  • GPU acceleration with Citrix HDX
  • Citrix HDX 3D Pro for graphics-intensive virtual workstations
  • Setup and tuning recommendations for different users and workloads
  • GPU acceleration from on-prem to hybrid cloud


Lee Bushen
Senior Solutions Architect

Muhammad Dawood
Senior Principal Software Engineer

Every tenth webinar attendee (US and Canada only) will receive an Amazon Echo Dot.
Note: Not applicable to Citrix and Partner employees

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