Citrix Ready verification and profile management

Conveniently verify your products and manage your profile pages using the Citrix Ready Marketplace

This platform is your one-stop place for quick and simple product verification as well as easy profile management. While the verification offers you a stamp of approval demonstrating interoperability with Citrix, the Citrix Ready Marketplace helps simplify the verification steps. It provides all the required information at your fingertips and charts a personalized process for your product verification. In addition, you can conveniently create and edit your profile pages.

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Product types that can be verified as Citrix Ready

  • Applications

    Desktop Applications - 3D, Administration, Productivity, Peripheral Solution, Blueprints, Security, Monitoring, Management

    Network Applications – Management, Monitoring, Security, Application Firewall, Blueprints, Software Defined Network

    Mobile Applications – iOS,

  • Endpoints



    Thin Clients

    Chrome Devices

    Smart Phones – Android

    Tablets – Android

    Smart Phones – Windows

    Tablets - Windows

  • Integrated Systems

    Converged Infrastructure

    Converged Hardware

    Cloud Orchestration

  • Peripherals

    Audio Devices

    Drawing Tablets

    Smart Tokens

    Signature Pads

    Biometric Devices

    Foot Switches

    Flash Drives

    Smart Cards

  • Printers and Scanners


    Printer Drivers

    Printing Solutions


  • Servers

    Server Solution - Network Adaptors and CPUs

    Server Solution - GPU

  • Services

    Service Providers

    Virtual Appliance

    System Integrators

  • Storage

    Storage Controllers

    Storage Solutions

Frequently asked questions

Citrix Ready verification is an assessment process designed to ensure that third-party products are compatible with Citrix products. The Citrix Ready designation is awarded to third-party products and solutions successfully verified with a specific Citrix product using the Citrix Ready verification methodology.

No, the Citrix Ready designation is not a product certification, nor does it provide any warranty or guarantee on any product, solution or application. To be designated as Citrix Ready, products must pass the Citrix-supplied verification test cases. The designation of a product as Citrix Ready simply indicates that either the company or Citrix has completed the verification tests. The Citrix Ready designation does not provide any performance or operational guarantee of any kind. The Citrix Ready designation is an indication that the partner’s product is compatible with Citrix and will operate in a Citrix environment. For additional information, please refer to the Citrix Ready legal agreement.

There are no charges to conduct and submit results for Citrix Ready verification.

Verification forms for most product types are available online. However, if you don’t see your product type, please provide information about the product and time slots for a demo to The Citrix Ready team will closely work with you to verify your product as Citrix Ready.

Typically, the approval process takes three business days. However, the approval time frame is subject to the logs and the verification form you have submitted.

You can download demo licenses for 12-months as well as 3-months validity using a Partner Central account and Customer account respectively.

This depends on the type of product. A few partner product types require the device to be shipped to Citrix Ready. This information will be provided during the verification process. Please refer to the general guidelines.

Generally, Citrix recommends re-verification for every major release of either Citrix Product or Partner Product. However, verification for minor releases differs from case to case. If in doubt, please reach out to us at

Verification testing support

The Citrix Ready Program offers testing support through third-party testing services.

Third-Party Testing Services

For partners who prefer assistance from a third party testing service, please contact one of our Citrix Ready Verification Testing Partners listed below.

Calsoft Certification Lab

Calsoft Certification Lab as part of Quality Engineering Group helps ISV's such as Citrix in extensive testing, evaluation and qualification of their products to ensure that they conform and surpass industry standards. Backed by our dedicated test infrastructure and test teams with extensive certification expertise, our QE services help you demonstrate excellence and improve your products’ market presence.

Products verified and validated for:

  • Citrix Virtual Apps
  • "Standard Verification”, which applies to all other solutions.

The Calsoft Advantage:

  • Over 20+ years of focused expertise in Storage, Virtualization and Networking domains.
  • Large team(s) of Technical Architects and Engineers with strong expertise in product conformance, interoperability and performance/scale testing.
  • Customizable offerings and engagement models as per customer requirements, timelines and budgets.

For more information and enquiries contact Calsoft at   

Wipro Citrix Ready Verification Program

Wipro is an independent Citrix Authorized Test Lab that can qualify your applications or devices for the Citrix Ready program.

Products verified and validated for:

  • Citrix Virtual Apps

The Wipro Advantage

  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Technical help to resolve certification testing related queries.
  • Expertise in certification testing.
  • Support for Japanese applications.

Contact Wipro at for more information.

Lionbridge Citrix Ready Verification Program

VeriTest is a service of Lionbridge Technologies, which offers a full range of product engineering, test, and localization help to Citrix partners.

Products verified and validated for:

  • Citrix Virtual Apps
  • "Standard Verification",which applies to all other solutions.

The Lionbridge Advantage

  • Easy, Fast and Economical - all work is performed by the world's leading product certification lab.
  • The VeriTest service of Lionbridge has helped more than 10,000 ISVs Complete certification.
  • Coming with an expertise of certifying programs such as Certified for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Windows Server.

Contact Lionbridge at for more information.

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