Cost Savings with Citrix Autoscale

In this episode, Nitin Mehta, Lead Product Manager at Citrix, joins me to discuss Citrix Autoscale and how this highly adopted feature has helped customers achieve significant cost savings in their hybrid cloud deployments.

December 11, 2023
Season 3 Ep 7

Executive summary

  • How does Citrix Autoscale help you control spending?
  • What improvements have been made to Citrix Autoscale?

Featured voices

Steve Beals
Content Strategist – Tech Zone, Citrix

Steve Beals is the Tech Zone Content Strategist at Citrix.  He has worked with Citrix technologies for 25 years in various technical and management roles.  During his time with Citrix, Steve has worked with the Citrix Consulting team, designing, deploying, and managing several large-scale enterprise Citrix deployments. He also worked as a pre-sales engineer for enterprise customers in the Northeast US before joining the Technical Marketing team at Citrix.

Nitin Mehta
Lead Product Manager, Citrix

Nitin Mehta is a Lead Product Manager with Citrix and has been with Citrix since 2015.

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