Business continuity

Ensure continuity of operations and system availability during business changes and disruptions

Disruptions are inevitable, but they don’t have to slow your business. A well-designed business continuity plan that includes IT service continuity and workforce recovery will ensure the people running your business can remain productive. IT also helps protect you from financial losses, damaged reputation, lost productivity, and weakened customer and partner relationships.  

Citrix security: Ensuring continuity of business operations

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When people can’t reach the office—whether because of a major snowstorm or a simple roadway closure—they still need to get work done. By providing people with secure access to business apps and data from any device wherever they are, IT can make sure that business continues to operate even during disruptions.

Disaster doesn’t have to leave you with downtime—and server or power disruptions don’t have to jeopardize your entire data center. Developing an IT disaster recovery plan will help ensure availability and performance of traffic over any network connection and device, not only during interruptions, but at all times.

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Ransomware is one of the biggest nightmares facing IT today. Hackers are targeting organizations of all kinds with malware designed to encrypt crucial data—and hold it hostage until payment is made.

Organizations can reduce their exposure to the ransomware threat, recover encrypted data more quickly and get employees back to work by publishing virtualized, sandboxed and hardened browsers and email clients, utilizing Hypervisor Introspection (HVI) to detect ransomware techniques, protecting mobile devices against attacks with containerization, and providing a secure and robust enterprise data sync and sharing service.

Cyber threats and security breaches continue to rise, despite extensive efforts by security teams, professionals, and even government intervention.

It’s essential to protect web applications and sites from both known and unknown attacks, including all application-layer and zero-day threats. Also, real-time analytics help administrators identify and address application performance and security issues across the infrastructure.

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