Citrix and Wipro, empowering resilient enterprises

Reloading the future of work, creating the space to succeed

Deliver better employee experience with Citrix and Wipro. Our secure, future-proof desktop virtualization is built to empower resilient enterprises. The partnership is reloading the future of work and transforming IT by driving business outcomes with better agility, productivity, security and mobility.

Reimagining the digital workplace to support the new future of work

Work-from-home has become the norm. It becomes even more imperative for service providers and technology providers to simplify technology to make it useful and effective for users. Digital workspaces focus on flexibility and employee experiences to enable this requirement.

See what you can achieve with Citrix and Wipro

Citrix + Wipro: Evolving the digital workplace to support the new future of work

See how Citrix and Wipro partner to deliver digital workspaces that improve employee experience and engagement for remote workers and deliver positive business outcomes.

A strategy for successful VDI cloud migrations

Learn important strategic elements that can help organization succeed in their cloud migration and deliver better user experiences and business outcomes.

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Wipro and Citrix share a solid partnership and our aim is to deliver world class efficient next gen digital workplaces. Wipro’s VDI solution empowered with Citrix enhances business performance by delivering desktop solutions and application services across your preferred cloud without increasing costs. This enables you to scale quickly to update enterprise software tools, allow employees to run multiple operating systems on the same machine, and allow them to use their own devices to drive mobile productivity while still maintaining maximum data and application security.

Seshu Kumar G V
General Manager & Head – VirtuaDesk Cloud & Infrastructure Services