Deliver Flexible and Optimized Desktop and Application Virtualization

Microsoft and Citrix have a reputation as pioneers in desktop and application virtualization since 1997. Today, we evolve our solutions by offering flexible deployment options on site, on Azure Cloud, and through partner hosting environments. Jointly, we deliver improved performance at a fraction of the cost.

Currently, Microsoft and Citrix have 230,000 shared customers and tens of millions of users that rely on our solutions every day.

Value of Microsoft and Citrix partnership (2:39)

Microsoft and Citrix better together partnership video featuring Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft. Learn more about this partnership at

Get ready for Windows 10 Upgrade

XenDesktop, including the full power of XenApp, enables IT organizations to deliver immediate access to core business applications on Windows 10 devices. XenDesktop radically simplifies the OS migration process by centralizing the delivery of new Windows 10 virtual desktops to all employees while streamlining ongoing maintenance and future updates. XenDesktop with AppDNA can reduce the cost and complexity of application upgrades, migrations and updates by as much as 90 percent.

Skype for Business and Citrix – the only way to use Skype and VDI together

Citrix HDX RealTime Optimization Pack for Skype for Business is the only Microsoft-endorsed solution for delivering Skype for Business in a virtual environment. It allows you to publish Skype for Business as a virtualized application or within a virtual desktop—with the same performance as a local installation. In addition, the Citrix CloudBridge solution enhances virtualized Skype for Business in challenging network conditions by providing virtual WAN connectivity for maximum reliability at a reasonable cost.

Watch Microsoft’s Skype for Business Broadcast – VDI Episode (35:29)

Learn about Skype for Business & VDI (Virtual Device Infrastructure) in this Skype Video Broadcast episode.

Reduce overall IT cost and increase efficiency with cloud solutions on Microsoft Azure

Leverage your XenDesktop perpetual licenses by implementing on Azure for maximum savings. Extend Azure infrastructure to offer file syncing and sharing with ShareFile, and add NetScaler to increase the efficiency of your cloud-based network deployment. All three products work together to make your cloud solution work for you.

Learn more about ShareFile for Azure (30:41)

Every IT organization wants to maintain control of its data, but users today expect to be able to access their data and files from anywhere, at any time. So what tools and strategy do you need to deliver on these expectations? Find out in this webcast, where you'll learn how Citrix ShareFile, a cloud-based file sharing and storage service, and Microsoft Azure, an open cloud platform can aid in the data mobilization challenges. Topics covered include:
•Why mobilizing enterprise data is essential
•How Microsoft Azure and Citrix Sharefile work together for data mobilization
•What other companies are doing to succeed in data mobilization

Cloud provisioning for enterprise applications

Hosted Desktop offers on-demand desktops and apps to any device 

Citrix extends hosted desktops in Azure to support live session roaming, multiple device types and formats, and rich user-interface media experiences. Additionally, service providers benefit by being able to focus on building world-class service delivery made possible by Azure’s global presence.